Na na na na Na na na na Hey heyyyy Goodbye

I wrote a post in the Alouettes forum deploring the use of this taunting song.

It reminds me of kindergarten…“nyah, nyah ne nyah nyah”

To my mind it’s the worst kind of BAD sportsmanship
And while I found it barely tolerable when it came “spontaneously” from the crowd
The Alouettes have taken to piping it in on the loudspeakers.

I’d like to personally apologize to the Eskimos and their fans for such rudeness
And know that at least some Montrealers are ashamed and
embarrassed to be associated with it in ANY way

oh please!, this is professional sports here.. not little kids playing for fun..

the NHL has many teams that do this too, the Canadiens are most famous for it.

these pro athletes can handle it, your apology is not needed.

I don't really have strong feelings about it. Part of playing in another team's ballpark is the difficulty of a hostile crowd. So the na-na-na chant, to me, is part of that difficulty. If you come to Molson Stadium, you aren't going to get treated like a delicate little flower. Teams that find it objectionable can rectify the situation very efficiently by winning. :wink:

Doesn't remind me of kindergarten. More like grade 5, the grade I was in when the Nylons' recording of the song was popular....

it's always been a tradition with home teams razzing their visitors when they are losing. especially if it's bad!

I understand your compassion and feelings Senior Ah Me.

hell of a lot better than chanting BC SUCKS.

Now thats my all-time fav! so loud you can hear it on tv.

This is pro Sports.

Winning is #1.. Sportsmanship is #2.

you do whatever you can at any cost to win the game! you worry about Sportsmanship along the way.

But BC does suck

please spread the word man, so people from the rest of Canada will stop moving here. Its getting a little crowded.

and while you at it, maybe you can get the word out to the rest of the world as well. Seems like everyone wants to come here for some reason :?

I'm indifferent on this really... the Bomber fans serenaded the Riders with it in the Banjo Bowl, but didn't bother me... we have still had the better record after the game was over anyway. :cowboy:

The original idea has been debased like so much else.

When first used it was the capstone of the playoffs when a home team won on their ice/court/field.
It made sense - though a silly taunt - because the enemy team was being sent out of the playoffs.... goodbye, as it were.

To play it at single games without the playoff edge just makes it silly. Big deal. Single game. Hey.... I'd feel this way even if it was Labour Day and the 'Cats were beating the Argos! Playoffs against an old... or new mortal enemy... go ahead.

This chant should only be done after a team's season has ended with a loss and not at the Grey Cup. Any other time is inappropriate.

I dont know either. With the breath taking scenery, surf waves, excellent snow boarding, good hiking trails, good looking women I dont know who would want to move there.

But hey, the Lions suck so do the Canucks.

well then, thats what should be chanted.

I can see where Senior is coming from, sort of.
Singing that song when your team is about to win a hard fought game against a divisional rival - no problem.
Singing that song when your team is using 3rd stringers, the waterboy and a mascot to pummel a non-div opponent - definitely overkill.

Still, what goes around, comes around. at some point Als fans will hear opposing fans sing that song to their team and it'll likely sting just a little more.

eh whatever, these are professional Athletes. who cares.

It's NOT about the athletes

Certainly isn't about BC (scenery, surf waves, excellent snow boarding, good hiking trails, good looking women notwithstanding)

It's about the FANS

don't give me that "Its' about the Fans" crap.

the fans cheer and they boo.

the players are the ones getting paid to play.

they are and should be capable of handling it.

I could give a Rats behind what the fans think really.