Na Na Na Na....Hey Hey

Goodbye Charlie..... :thup:

You leaving???

We here know Charlie isn't going anywhere

Which is a mistake, this team is rotting week by week. must have half a brain.....

I'm giving charlie a ride to the unemployment line

Oh, resorting to personal attacks now huh?

FYI smart guy

Obie has already STATED Charlie will not be going anywhere.

I would also ask the mods to remind this poster of the forum guidelines!!

That's usually the kiss of death!!!!

WoW is it really that serious!

I'm sorry, please don't cry


I can't think of any good reason to keep Charlie. Please don't say continuity or that they'll be back to square one with a new coach. The argument that all the good coaching prospects are under contract might be valid but as of now he's a lame duck coach and that doesn't help anybody.
Maybe Obie should coach for the rest of the year. Might get a better look at what this team needs from the playing field and locker room.