Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey GoodBye!

At 1-7, I do think that the Cats are out of it. August and we are already looking to next season. Never mind that Argos are only 2 points in front of the Cats. I don't think that the Cats will be anywhere near the Argos after the next two games.

I thought that the Cats had turned the corner in the previous contests. Albeit for some bad luck and suspect referee's calls, we could have had at least 3-4 wins and not just one. But what I seen on Saturday night put me off. They played like they played last year. Penalties, poor play calling (2nd and 10 and they go for a dump off pass rather than passing it down field.) The long passes that were thrown down field had no zing and were pretty much lame ducks. They offense strikes no fear into any defence. Montreal rushed three men and got to the quarterback. How can that happen when you have 5 men blocking? I was so pee'd off that I tuned out at half time.

I don't think there is any pride with these guys on the field and that call themselves football players. I for one was appalled that there wasn't a skirmish between Montreal and Hamilton after that face-masking call on the return. Looks as though they are only going through the motions and waiting for their pay cheques.

Although not all players have shown this lack of pride. DB Anderson, which I am not really a fan of, has shown me some fire. Yes, he was pissed after Montreal got the touchdown and ranting and raving, while others just tended to look the other way in a sort of ho-hum whatever type of mentality.

Not sure what needs to be fixed? Players, coaches or management. But I am frustrated watching them on TV and sitting in the stands week in and week out. Some one needs to light a fire!!

Winning isn't everything. It is the only thing!!! (V.Lombardi)

Just my rant!


I don't think the Argos will make the playoffs either, there will probably be a Western crossover.

Even when Bishop comes back?
I dunno...I hate them as much as anyone, but they've pretty much been without a QB - much like us.

yes, they are out of it.

I'm not sold on Bishop yet. He has yet to win consistently in the CFL. His claim to fame is his late season heroics last year coming off the bench. Personally, I think the best Argo QB is Eric Crouch who has been on the 9 game injured list.

An Argo-Cat fan