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No Way! He is a keeper. The Argos have thrown everything at Chang, and he will learn as he goes along.

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We won't get rid of him, but my confidence in the coaching staff's ability to evaluate talent is shaken. Williams should have been given a chance prior to game ten of the season.

Hey Least my predictions on players has thus far been correct

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Yup, another juvenile thread from the pro-Maas side. I think you could have at least kept it down to one.

The irony is that when Maas sucked this bad--and he did--and was criticized, the reaction from you people was, well, just as juvenile.

Said it before, I'll say it again, all of this could have been avoided had he started earlier in the season, and we could have seen what he was like as a starter.

In the end, I guess it still works out because we may just still be stuck with Maas had that been the case.

No I think you gotta keep Timmy around. He's a rookie in the CFL. I think he still has the ability to be a good QB in this league I just think things are too fast for him right now. You can see it in the pocket. Happy feet.

Ladies and gentlemen, our favorite troll. Shouldn't you be harassing the Montreal forum?

But the fact is Williams is and was always better than Change

agreed...putting him in against one of the Top defenses in the league for his first two starts also can't help out his confidence much...but if they would have gave him a couple starts earlier in the season he could have adapted better...its prolly a heck of a lot more easier to start for an 0-3 team, right at the beginning of the season when there is a lot of time to bounce back than to give a guy a start when the team is 1-8 and have basically no shot at anything...its a confidence issue...confidence in his team and himself...and to start a rookie at this point in the season will have negative results when they turn out like this

I agree 100 per cent. What are they looking at out there?

I never understood why they stayed with Maas so long. Had they found out about Chang and William sooner they might still have a season. It's way too early to give up on Chang, though he's definitely 3rd now.

The coaching staff is looking at Richie
running our opponent's Offence each week.

with 2nd and 3rd string receivers,
running backs and whoever is available
to get a quorum to make up an O-line.

Nothing like game conditions.

No hits from the D-line etc.

The AMAZING THING IS, even though Richie
or the Ticats first string players,

he knew enough of our Offence
to make some exciting plays,

admittedly, they occured when the A..s
had a large lead and used their subs.

Chang, a raw rookie, has had exactly two starts with a young and all new team with all new coaches, against one of the league's best defences and the league's best defensive coach.

Hardly enough for a fair evaluation.

What's good for the goose....

When Maas had a bad game, everyone was crying for his head. I agree, cut Chang.

Maas started how many games, covered up his injury, and has played how many seasons in the CFL?

Chang is a rookie having played limited time prior to his first start, this only his second start in the CFL.

Even Taaffe said during his halftime interview that Chang is just not ready to be a starter. That doesn't mean he needs to be let go, it just means he needs more time. As Taaffe said at the beginning of the year.

^^^ and against a great defence with a great Defensive co-ordiantor, Rich Stubler.

One cannot get a fair assessment of Chang's abilitites with only two starts agaisnt the Argos. He's better than what he showed.

And I believe what you are doing constitutes harassment in its own right.