na na na na hey hey hey good-bye

Here it is, early August and as far as I am concerned, we are already out of a playoff spot. This is just a broken record year in and year out for the past few years. Now some of you may say that the season is early yet and the East does not look too good. Well, once the Argos and Bombers get their act together, they will start winning and quickly leave these TiCats in the dust. The reason I say this is that Toronto and Winnipeg are good teams. Hamilton on the other hand is not.

We needed to get a great start to the season and build for the playoffs. Sadly at 1-5, we are no where near that. And the mistakes last night looks as though we are at training camp again.

So what do we do now? Fire the coach? Who will come in? Who wants to coach this team? What a mess this has become! Are the coaches working towards the potential of the players or are they trying to force feed an offensive system that is rather offensive?

I don't understand the defensive schemes? The first half they played pretty good, but in the second half they seemed tentative and backed away from the scrimmage line giving the Alouette recievers plenty of room to catch the underneath stuff.

Yes, looks as though we will be going through another re-building season. ARRRRGGGHHHH!

Just my 2 cents worth


Year 7 of the 5 year plan

Can you count, Bubbles? Secondly, what does this statement mean? There’s no coherent thought there, just some poor math.

Sorry I'll dumb it down for you. I didn't know that you were challenged by sarcasm.

We were told about a 5 year plan to win the Grey Cup many years ago and with no end of this mess in sight it feels like about 7 years now.

GET IT NOW! Or should I get out the hand puppets for you

Right on - This feels like year 10.

this team feels like the blue jays arent they in year 7 of a 5 year plan also