The Fan590 is reporting that Non import DT Noah Cantor is back out of retirement and practicing with the Argos.

Wonder if his brother Noah will come back too!

:D Noah Cantor that is....

Cool name for a Boatman.

Will he be saving them from the flood?

Haha, that's brilliant.


Not going to help them.

Ooooohhhhh..... Cantor was a very good lineman in his day but his day has passed. It isn't good when they're looking to retreads for help the team.

Unfortunately, it augers well for the Cats. :frowning:

An Argo fan

Argos should go ahead and sign Montford too. lol

Just for Wilf -
"Bring him to Hamilton" ?

I don't know... I'm a bit uneasy about this game.

The Argo's will no doubt be charged up (losing a coach and starting player) and, though you can't bring in a totally new scheme within a week, the offense is going to come in as an "unknown".

How does the Cat defense prepare a game plan?

Argos' O will need to be different than Austin's or what was the point of canning him?

Will they simply use more of the plays already in the play book (ie, running and others) but that have not been utilized?

Other than expecting a more balanced attack and greater use of Avery/Johnson, the Cats really don't know what else to expect from an Adam Rita offense. (tendencies from his past may provide clues but he has a different cast to work with now)

(Plus, like the Cats, in desperation, the Argos may go for more "trick" plays where anything can happen... what have they got to lose?)


Toronto is so out it Player wise
they have Bring in someone who Retired.
to Stop the Run.

I guess that touching ceremony before their home opener was for not. Eh?

Adam Rita said that the Argos won't add any plays to the playbook but would emphasize other areas for thsi Saturday, ie. more running plays. But then can you trust what an Argo says?

An Argo fan

the guy did have ten sacks last year....

of course he's missed half a season of conditioning... might not have an impact for a few weeks.

I'll be cheering him seeing as how he's my boss in Vancouver at Veras Burger Shack