MyTix issues

Anyone else having a problem accessing ticket info via the My Tix Account Manager? Logged in with chrome and safari and I see nothing under the "Manage my tickets" section.


Mine seems to be okay, although I am right now not hooked up to a printer, so did not actually hit the "print" button. Check out the digital tickets video tutorial in the My Tix tab, or call the ticket rep at the Office.

I ordered the printed box office tickets, so also did not want to print-at-home. Having said that, I have not as yet received my printed tickets.

Best advice is probably to call a rep?

Yep. It's refusing my info even though I have no account.

I had a minor issue. I had to reset my password as it didn't like my previous one from last year. Not too difficult and I printed off the first 3 games. I don't like getting too far ahead as I have been known to lose one or two in the past. :oops:


I can't use the transfer option. Screen keeps freezing

Last year I printed them all off, folded each game together and put them in an envelope above the fridge...and on 2 separate occasions forgot to grab them on the way out the door, then had to have them printed at the box office.

While I know the digital method is still somewhat controversial around here, I'm looking forward to it. Maybe not for the first home game when all the glitches with the system (user errors included) occur and delay entry. But the more options we have, the better off we will be.

I have healthy skepticism about high-tech solutions to low-tech problems, but I suspect the human factor will be the biggest contributor to delays (people not bringing the tix up on their phones soon enough, etc).

Or when the scanner can't read through the screen protector and people start pulling cases apart.

I too, am having this exact problem.

Once someone can figure it out, hopefully it can shared on here.

I am using Safari as well.

I used Firefox. Perhaps it might be a good time to try either it or IE. Maybe Safari and Chrome are unsupported for the Tix Account Manager?

(Don't listen to me seriously though. When I was young technology was cable TV). :oops:


I have tried on both Chrome and Firefox now…still can't get past the Manage My Tickets.


Perhaps it is time to call the Ticats for assistance? :slight_smile:

^^^^^^ Yup.

I printed mine using Chrome on a Win 10 PC. I have accessed it using Chrome on an IPad. Couldn't print because I don't have a compatible printer for IOS .

Okay…I wanted to report on the solution.

I called the ticket rep…and despite the fact that I had a previous password, he informed me that I had to log in "originally" with the numeric password that was provided.

I used the numeric password and voila.

Thanks to those who offered assistance.

I'm just glad it worked out for you mate. Wouldn't want you to miss any games due to "technology" (which sometimes can be spelled with 4 letters!).

:rockin: :rockin: