I have always been one of the few who have been saying how Sunday in the fall is not the exclusive domain of NFL football here in Canada. Based on this weeks numbers and to include from memory all last year, the CFL has smoked the NFL competion and hopefully those at HO will not deter from going full speed ahead and schedule many more games on any given Sunday.
The Argos have one such coming up later in the month.

TOP 10.

      1. CFL, Sask-Win Sunday TSN @ 419,000, Cal-Edm Friday(wins the night) TSN @ 377,000, BC-Mont Sunday TSN @ 353,000, this number is even more significant when adding the nearly 200,000 per game average on RDS. TSN is now averaging over 350,000 per game and if this continues we are in for a record viewership year.
    1. Hockey, Russia-Canada Sunday Sportsnet @ 337,000, Friday Sportsnet @ 319,000 this entire tournament was a "dog with fleas" and hopefully shows the TV powers no one wants to watch any hockey in the summer. Enough with the too long hockey season.
  1. MLB, Tor-TB Saturday Sportsnet @ 336,000, well above 300,000 average which is down from last year.
  2. NFL, NYG-Dall Sunday TSN @ 307,000 Prime time numbers, lucky there was no CFL
  3. CFL Ham-Tor Saturday CBC @ 275,000 well below season average of 399,000, a bad Ticat team no doubt reason
  4. MLB, Tor-TB Sunday Sportsnet @ 255,000 team out of contention type numbers
  5. NFL Den-Buff Sunday CTV @ 255,000 CFL game outdraws by nearly 100,000

Here are a few low enders, well below infomercial

NFL, combination two games Chi-SD & TB-Seat at a whopping and embarassing 75,000 on Sportsnet
MLS, TFC-Dallas Saturday CBC @ 67,000
CIS, West-McM Saturday Score @ 13,000 friends and family

That's good to see argotom. The CFL always gives the best entertainment.
Cheers :rockin:

Where can we find this info.?

Argotom, I would like to verify your numbers. Please provide your online source or I will have to conclude that you are making these up...Thanks.

I believe the numbers are from the Globe And Mail. You may also need to pay a subscription fee to view the numbers online.

Rock on, CFL!!

Yes r4758 from the Globe and Toronto Star locally.
HFive not all in fact the vast majority of papers do not print. I have tried to go on the Neilsen Media site to access and especially since the RDS numbers are not printed.
This is a closed "shop" situation as only media related outlets are privy to same.

I wonder if that 75,000 number for the Seahawks game on Sportsnet included the FOX Seattle station on cable?

The Global NFL numbers (and CTV's) always included those Canadians watching the NFL game on the American channel via cable. By law, the Global signal and ads (and now CTV's) must be substituted on the American channel by the cable companies. The Canadian networks always include these fans watching the American channel as part of their own ratings.

I'm not sure that the Sportsnet signal was being substituted on the American channel on Sunday. I remember seeing the Fox logo when I was surfing the game. So perhaps there were a few thousand more who watched the Seahawks game on Fox cable who would normally be included in the NFL ratings in Canada...but that 75,000 number for both NFL games is a complete joke. A beach volleyball rerun would probably do better for Sportsnet.

Well, it's not surprising that the Chi/SD game bombed. It wasn't that exciting. But it's nice to see the NYG/Dallas game drew some decent numbers.

And of course, congrats to the CFL on another successful weekend.

Hmmm. Interesting that these numbers aren't published more broadly. I sent em to Marty York who called the CFL "insane" last week for its decision to go head-to-head with the NFL on its opening day. If these numbers are correct, he has to eat his words now. Send these numbers around to your local sports editors.

William Houston with the Globe and Mail ran a story yesterday using the numbers that Argotom provided:

[url=] ... tball/home[/url]

Marty York's resonse was that he wasn't sure the numbers were accurate. Yah right! That's why advertisers and networks use them to do business...

Yes they are accurate it is the Bible of the media and advertising community.
It is the basis of determining ad rates.
So if Marty said that, he is full of it and should know better.

Marty is full of it. I just wanted to rib him for his "CFL is insane" headline...