Mystery: Whatever happened to Al Brenner?

I'm curious, just one of those things that sticks with a guy. I remember hearing that Al Brenner "disappeared", vanished into thin air. He was a favourite with me way way back,he was a hell of a DB with records set in interceptions, a real ballhawk/hitter in the 70's. But what happend? :?

Still holds the record for most interceptions in a season- 15

Tied for second, most interseptions in a game,- 4
Along with Don Sutherin and Less Browne and 4 others

But what happened to him. There was a real shroud of mystery about his disappearence at the time; foul play was suspected I recall.A cold case?

He is living in the U.S. somewhere.

I heard where from a couple of his ex-team-mates
at a Cats Claw function but I can't recall where.