Myers as the punter

Has Myers been used as a punter in practice ? Anyone know ? Can't be worse than Fleming who leaves his best punts on the practice field . Worth a try. Ozzy did both - punts and field goals. Why not, Myers ?

I would tend to want to see if Fleming can kick placements.

Fleminig will be fine.
In my opinion he has a great kicking leg.
If he can kick in practice and warm-ups like he does, he must be a good kicker.

I think that he is so worried about a bad snap, or a missed coverage on the blocking scheme that he can not just concentrate on putting a good hit on the ball.
I paid paticular attention to this on Friday, and it was rare when he did not have someone barrelling in on him, or that he got a nice snap.

It should not be that difficult to get a punt off!!

or maybe they're using different balls in practice?

either way he's been doin a great Hoover impression as a punter this year.

You think he's being dammed?