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In the abscence of DJ (maybe I will make this a regular feature).

Does the typo of a typo* make it grammatically correct?
If math class taught me anything, it is that two wrongs make a right...

*or what i like to call Kidspeak, like that which Blitz21 is fond of

two wrongs don't make a right...
unless it's an intentional double negative, of course!

my brain hurts

ABSOLUTELY the Argo’s s.u.c.k… why do you ask?

This site really needs an "off topic" section.

My take is that as long as I can understand what the person is trying to say, I don't care if they use slang to do it. I know it's a pet peeve to some people though, which can be quite funny at

Agreed. 100%

As for the grammar, I am not concerned about typo’s. If I do not understand a posters comment, I will just move on to the other posts that I can understand.

Grammatical errors don't not make me unhappy. :wink:

It has one ... forum&f=14

I am learning to accept the slang as well borehamgirl, but when I can't understand what a poster is presenting, it drives me nuts.
Ironically enough, I also find that some of the posters who complain the loudest are really funny when after taking the time and trouble to post, a corporation lawyer couldn't make sense of what they are trying to say.

All in all, good posters and poor posters make up any site and I guess we just have to learn to control our emotions when we tolerate the poor ones.
My main emotion when I see ridiculous responses is actually the urge to laugh.

word yo.

jk :slight_smile: lol