My Vote For the Next New Stadium

McMahon is a dump! ? This is no slight on Calgary on its fans.

Yesterday was my first game there.

It reminded me a bit of the old Ivor Wynne in Hamilton and I shuddered.

Men’s washrooms so crowded that jerks were peeing in the sinks and trash cans.

Concessions couldn’t handle the crowds. (Okay, a fleet of beer tankers with direct hoses couldn’t have handled yesterday’s crowd.)

Aisles and walkways narrow. Lighting poor. Etc.

We have some other older stadia but I think the gang in Calgary need a new place.

Yes there are a few stadiums that should no longer host the Grey Cup and McMahon is one of them.

My bet is they will be back in Calgary at McMahon in 10 or so years barring major infrastructure issues with the stadium. The city has everything else going for it - excellent hotel capacity, great venues for hosting, excellent transit/cab service, great restaurants.

The city’s job hosting the Grey Cup was a 10/10, but the stadium was a 2/10

Your right .

When your asking people to pay those crazy amounts for tickets and travel ; the stadium should be able to give the fan the ability to go to the washroom properly .

Now if the tickets were not that high and maybe even dirt cheap then hey no big deal it’s Woodstock or Bluesfest just relax and have a good time and piss wherever .

But at the Grey Cup prices now they need to up their hosting ability game day .

True. I guess if you are paying $400.00 for a seat the least they can do is put a back on the chair

So I take it that it’s all bench seating without even backrests let alone armrests at McMahon Stadium?


No, the vast majority of sections have individual seats. The upper sections and end zone seating do not. Having said that, there isn’t a ton of legroom in the sections that have seats.

So the main problem is the lack of adequate facilities such as washrooms in the concourse areas? Is that not an easy fix? Can the stadium not be built out somewhat? I take it there’s room.


I’ve never been to McMahon (despite having lived in Calgary for a year in the 70s), but it actually looks like a dump on TV.

The location of McMahon stadium. Access from around canada, the surrounding area has all the the needed hotels, resturants, easy access to get to the stadium for any major event.
Remember Calgary has hosted winter Olympics where all of this was put into place.

So yes the outdated underlying infracture is severy outa of date and in need of some kinda major upgrade.

It hasnt been a secret that the small corridor’s, complete lack of restroom, concession stands. Cannot not come close to handling a crowd of 40K for a GC.

As pointed out on post above. There is a ton of room to expand these such areas w/o a problem.

Plenty of space in all for corners of the stadium to add bigger corridor space and exits to more washrooms, Concession stands etc.
Into all for Corners of the endzone areas and leading to the endzone areas. In open areas where open areas where fans can mingle. As well as specialty areas we see in Hamilton.
The space built that the new Tim Hortons field on the old Ivory wynn stadium is very limited in comparison to McMahon stadium.
Similar to what was done in Ottawa at TD place at old Frank clair stadium. One side of McMahon could be rebuilt with all the modern annenities as suites, Lyxury Boxes. VIP areas.

The problem as always is funding such a renovation.

Now I brought up all the things that could be done. Kinda like shooting for the stars type thing.
But it certainly could be scaled down and still meet modern stadium standards.

There is no doubt that all four corners of each end on the stadium would need to expand with larger corridor and exits that would lead into more washrooms & Concession areas where there is plenty of space spilling over into the endzone areas.
Modern fan amenities rebuilt on one side could have a smaller seating section below it. Unlike TIM Hortons and TD Place.
The area doesnt have to extend from goaline to goaline and beyond like in the venues mentioned above.
The open areas in the endzone do not have to be built up and as extragant in both or either Endzone.
It could be on ground level. And with the room in McMahon endzones a much larger space.
Adding perhaps adding a big videotron scream in each to view the game as you releive yourself from the beer you drank, grading a bite to eat in a scpacious concession area. Set up like a food court with reasonably cost seating eith tables. Etc. Or if ya just need to stretch your legs an meatup with friends.
As for the old side of the the stadium grandstand.
Bench seating thin Isles. Small legspace would be offset by the extra 4 side larger exits to larger common area. Which
Would offset that
pervival Molson has alot of bench seating with little leg room as well. They used wat was available within the space that they had to make it Work.

The biggest thing that McMahon has is the massive amount of space they have in endzones and around ground level outside the grandstand areas.
So they dont have to completely rebuild on side grandstand like at TD place.
But more exit space, much needed expanded washroom and concession areas would work as well. And at less of a cost.

Though I’ve never been to McMahon Stadium, just looking at a map of the grounds I came to the same conclusions you did.


Ive never been to McMahon either. But Ive been listening to alot of CFL Talk Radio Shows. With professional Media Personalities on reputable shows.
& this has been a subject topic for several years.
Not enuff washroom facilities is a health code type violation in any other situation.
Underdized corridor and lack of exits areas. If a Fire Code violation in any other situation.
Thats just plain unsafe.
And as for the washroom situation. Is just plain unsanitary.
Even if they use porta potties to bring it up to code. Not the best way to handle it long term.
But its better than people pee pee in sinks and trash cans. Geez.
Idk if its still aloud at McMahon. But not too long ago people were allowed to leave the stadium and re enter. With lack of wash room areas having to pee pee in the parking lot. Crazy.
& the lack of concessions. Stands to handle the number of capicity people would go out to their car to grab a beer. Geez.
I mean porta potties to bring it up to code spread out in open areas endzone areas etc. It wont get you a GC.
As for concession shortage plenty of room in the endzones to bring in food trucks and Beer and beverage trucks and stands.
But none of that has been done

Nothing will get done at McMahon as long as the U of C owns it. The City of Calgary won’t put any money into it if some other entity holds title, and the University has neither the money nor the desire to fund any improvements.

Concourse aside, it’s one of my fav places in the CFL to watch a game (mind you, I haven’t yet made the trek to Mosaic or IG Field). It is a FOOTBALL stadium. Great sightlines, most seats are between goal lines, good sound system above centre field, right on the transit line, fantastic parking lot tailgating. I don’t really get what all the bashing is about.

Couldn’t you throw say $20-$30MM at a complete concourse renovation and convert the remaining benches into bucket seats?

Sadly you are correct on that point.
But the Calgary S&E (or watever its called) owns the Stamps Flames & Calgary Junior Hockey & watever else.
Unfortunate they dont have the same leverage as the Flames threatening to move the team to a hungry City with an awesome new arena like Quebec City. As an example.
There gona have to think outa the box to find new & unique ways to at least bring McMahon up to Fire Safety and health codes.

In the meantime the City of Calgary can forget about hosting any major events that will pump $$$$$ into the city.
No GC.
No Hertige NHL outdoor classic.
& certainly will never see another winter olympics.
Very sad.

…what makes you think McMahon doesn’t meet the fire code?

…please try to answer in less than 500 words, thanks…

Really doesnt matter wat I think. Cats outa the bag now. Im not enjoying this Calgary is a great city and great host set up for major events.
The people of Calgary are those who will suffer.

…but you said it doesn’t meet fire code…if you don’t know a lick about something why would you make that claim?