My vote for best ever team

and yet this did diddly squat for attendance in Toronto

Those Argos were something special for sure. If only it were somehow possible to match them up against the Moon-led Eskimos of the early 80s. I don't know who I'd favour in that one.

if we include the NFL I think the 85 Bears were the best team ever

well, this is CFL talk :slight_smile:

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ah... right you are . i actually thought we were on other leagues etc.

The 85 Bears are definitely in the running for best ever NFL team, but somewhat ironically, I think they'd have been even better with either Moon or Flutie at QB.

Loved both those guys, Moon and Flutie, and they led two of the best CFL teams ever. But imo McMahon was the perfect QB for those Bears. They went 15-1 so pretty hard to be better. Then blew out everyone in the post season. He had the attitude needed for that crew imo.

48’ Stamps

would those be rare and valuable stamps?

To the fans in Calgary, yes I believe they would be

The 1967 Hamilton Tiger-Cats were the best ever, as the microphone drops to the floor . :tiger: :tiger:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Teams are from different eras so it is hard to label one as best ever imo.

I remember a recent interview with Brian Kelly the terrific Edmonton receiver from those great Eskimo teams of the Moon era. He was asked how great they were...winning 5 GC etc. He gave a surprising response and said what really stands out for him was how BAD the the other teams were. And he was right looking back. That really was a poor era of CFL teams.

I do think that we are in a great era now and for the last few seasons. Call it parity if you want but the CFL is really a tough league to win in now. Very strong QBing, and strengths in all player groups and teams.

Too bad about this season. It was really setting up to be super.


Very good team TO for sure!! In a imaginary play off series with Edmonton { Eskimos} Best of Seven, Eskies { the dog} 4 wins, Toronto 1 win. Moon plays average and never touched by defense.
Attendance sags in TO again. Defeat hurts!! Still.