My Views... Jerseys, Giguere, etc...

Here are some of my thoughts and views on things going on...

:thdn: I'm not overly impressed with the jersey overhaul. I really liked our Old New-Jerseys. It's not that I hate the New New-Jerseys because they do look pretty sharp. I guess it's just a disappointment that there was so much hype (much like Lebron James' "decision") and Reebok basically came out with a black t-shirt. However, at least we're not BC! Can you imagine paying almost $200 for nothing but an orange t-shirt? :thdn: ? :thup: ? Giguere... AWESOME! (?)

On paper it's exciting. Really exciting!

But this guy hasn't played REAL football in a long time. Does he really even want to be in Hamilton? Time will tell.

:thup: New coach, new free agents, great returning players... season looks promising!

Good luck in 2012

Careful what you say you may fall into the Jackass category........................... :roll:

I rather like the new jerseys... a blend of old throwback with modern twist.

Giguere will be great.....I think!

If expressing an opinion (without insulting anyone) puts me into the jackass category.... so be it.

I like the new jerseys... just don't think they lived up to the hype surrounding their release. They're quite plain.

And Giguere... I'm not saying that he's junk. I am very excited about him signing... but wondering how he'll play after not playing for 4 years. That's longer than most peoples entire careers!

Well he signed a 2+1 rather than the minimum 1+1, so he's not acting like he's planning to bolt at the first chance.

I like the new uni a lot. Less is more in my mind. It's minimal and in no way tacky. Very tasteful even.

As for Sam.. I was one of the many who thought he would never sign and I was wrong. It just seemed like it wasn't in his heart to play in the Hammer. Time changed his mind obviously. I never have and never will hold anything against him. It's his life and he needs to do what his heart tells him as any of us do.

I will once again point out that Sam had been talking with the Colts in 08 a good 1-2 weeks before the CFL draft that year. All the teams knew this and yet the Cats still drafted him. He made it clear that he put the NFL first at that point also. They still drafted him. He was always honest about his intent and owed nothing to anyone but himself and the two NFL teams he actually had contracts with. Three if you count his cup of coffee with the Bangles.

Agree with Zen... less is more. Teams who do this, always have timeless jerseys. Same is true in all sports.

I just bought my very own XL Fantuz 83 Sweater

:rockin: Oskie Wa Wa!

I don't think we can afford Fantuz, Stala and Giguere. Canadian receivers cost more money, I think one or two will be gone before the season starts.

We just signed Giguere, we just signed Fantuz, no way we are cutting them, so pretty much your saying you think Stala will be gone? yes? no?

although i suppose Giguere could get cut? but i HIGHLY doubt that...I also HIGHLY doubted he'd even sign here so shows what I know

I take back my previous complaints about the new design. While it does look simple and uninspired at first I have now grown to love it. After seeing commercials with a player wearing the uniform and seeing pictures... it's sharp and it's mean! I love it.