My view on the 2006 season thus far

Hi...I know I haven't been around and posted in a while. But I have been quite disappointed and now I am hear to voice some of my beefs.

I am very, very disappointed in the CFL owners. It really appears they do not want the league to grow. It's like they want it to be an exclusive members club, even if it causes it to collapse. With Tom Wright...they have made HUGE strides and yet they do not offer a renewal of his contract??? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. From what I appears they let him do what he did, until he proposed salary cap and revenue sharing.

Wright brought in Reebok to make it respectable and it created a big buzz.
Under Wright

  • they introduced a new logo along with divisional logos, along with logos for the playoff games, and holiday games.
  • They had exhibition games in Halifax and London.
  • They had trading cards (even though it lasted only two seasons)

And now...with the rejection of Frank D'Angelo???
What gives with that. Seriously...this league is bad in a sense there is no vision or compromise by the owners. In the past two decades, no Commissioner has done as great a job as he has, and now they decided to part ways with him. What a load of crap.

I also read in the paper about a few months ago, they renewed the contract of the NLL commissioner because of the great job he has done. He has a vision to expand the league to 24 teams! Really??? Wow...why can't the CFL do that??? Because the owners are blow-hard old foggies that don't want to change!

By now...instead of sticking with 8-9 teams...they should be at 16 by now and making it a big deal in Canada. There should be 4 divisions of 4, two conferences:

Western Conference:
Division 'A'
British Columbia
Kelowna or other BC City???

Division 'B'
some Manitoba city
Some Saskatchewan city

Eastern Conference:
Division 'A'

Division 'B'

This would make it a coast-to-coast league. Better divisional rivalries. More diversity in the standings so fans don't give up on a team when they are at the bottom of the standings. 8 teams for a pro league is ridiculous in this day in age! Expand by two teams every two or three seasons. Increase the Canadian content on rosters so CIS player have incentive to continue playing football after University and the fans will watch their friends and family play in the CFL, meaning more fans of the CFL and the game!

The marketing could be better also with a bigger league! Not that the marketing hasn't improved in the past several seasons, but it could be better partnerships by now because there would be higher interest. Seriously, these owners need a commissioner that will tell then how the league should be run, not a puppet.

Why isn't there a year-end all-star game???

Seriously...I hate the CFL for the way this game is being ruined. Stupid owners!

I wont say you are out of line but I do thing you are off base.

I would love to see more teams in the league but I honestly think that the citys you mentioned cant support a team.

Secondly even if they could, have you ever heard of the league saying no to any of these cities? It there was a lineup of people wanting teams and the league was sending them away I would agree with you but that is not the case.

The whole problem with your idea is no appropriate sized stadiums are in those smaller cities. Unless the CFL wants to lower the salary cap 50% or more, it will never work in a smaller center anyway. This league is still mainly gate driven. No team can rely on sponsorship or tv money to survive unlike the NFL where the stadiums could be practically empty and almost every owner would break even or make money.

The only way the CFL would work with all these teams is if they payed each player 10,000 a year.

Out of line no, you have an opinion just like every one else.

Off base, well, like ro1313 said, love to see more teams, but population and stadiums are the two major road blocks.

Well...look at Green Bay. I don't know what their population is...but they are still a small market city. But are doing well. Why, because the city supports them. Actually, they own it because the shareholders are the citzens. The same could be said from some of these other cities like Halifax. As for TV rights and sponsorship deals...that will grow as they expand. What kind of offer on thew table can the CFL expect with only 8 teams. The TV annoucners make more than the players. That's just sad! I think that in time...the players...all the players on a team can make a decent living and not average a minimum 50K a season. They shouldn't have to have a second job. They risk injury for this game. It's crazy. I hate how like maybe 5 players on a team make a killer salary while the rest struggle at the minimum.

I know because I struggle paycheque to paycheque and to think that some of these guys do is crazy. It's a building process. It takes time. You just need the proper plan in place and the right man to do it. it's no wonder we as a nation continue to play it one take chances or has the vision to grow anymore.

Herre's an interesting list, it's the 100 largest municipal areas in canada, and as you can see there are not 16 CFL size markets

Well I see seventeen municipal areas larger than Regina and Regina is able to support a CFL team, so the size of the area obviously isn't the one and only factor.

Obviously though there are not 16 cities that would be able to bring in and sustain a CFL team. Let's start with getting 10 teams in the league and only then worry about further expansion.

Size doesnt matter. Toronto could support a CFL team 3 years ago. Its all about the love of the game.

Size of the city... just thought i would clarify that... :roll:


.....wait.....I mean "no comment".....

I agree with you 100% I dont know about the cities you mention but you are definately on base and looking in the correct direction.

Turn the CFL into a Crown Corporation, then expand like crazy.

No sensible private sector business person is ever gonna build a stadium even in Halifax or Quebec City. It's just too risky - it's not a smart investment. Therefore the chance of expansion to Saskatoon, Victoria, Windsor or (my personal fave) Tweed, is next to zilch.

But, as a Crown Corporation, The CFL could expand to 16 cities within two years. Financially, it would pull itself up by its own bootstraps, just by feeding off the buzz and controversy. Regardless of how it would work out in the long run, it would be guaranteed to make a big - and profitable - initial splash.

It is entirely possible that this scheme could break even. It is even conceivable that it could turn a profit over the long term. It is also very possible that it could flop, and wind up costing hundreds of millions of tax dollars. Well, big deal, I say.

For example, think of Adscam and the gun registry; there's a billion and change right there, and for years and years nobody even noticed it missing. If a pro-CFL finance minister played a similar shell game, we would all be under the illusion that we were making money for at least ten years. And then, by the time the bad news leaks out, we'd still be too distracted by the Western employment boom, etc., to really even be bothered by yet another minor financial scandal. If we can absorb billion-dollar boondoggles without blinking, or support cultural entities like the CBC, then in principle we could float a Crown Corp. CFL no problem. I wouldn't mind getting imperceptibly scammed if it created a 16 team CFL.

And don't forget, that's all worst-case scenario. It could just as easily make a buck - a kind of Petro Canada of football.

I know, I know - I'll pack up my tent and move back to Russia now. But still, its the only way to make it happen in our lifetime.

I actually don't mind 8-9 teams. I don't think it looks bush, look how older people get nostalgic for the Original Six era of the NHL. Bush is expanding for the sake of expansion and on other threads there are people seriously wanting US border cities in the CFL. Can't speak for the rest of you but the one time I lost interest in this league was when they had a bunch of American towns. If they do expand I think they have to intro 2 teams the same season. At least that way there is an automatic rivalry. When the NBA came to Canada we (Vancouver) knew we would lose but damnit we had to beat Toronto, the expansion cousin! We had to beat them on the court, we had to beat them in attendence, we had to have better uniforms, hotter dance team, better mascot, better arena! The rest of the NBA could beat the team like a drum but the instant rivalry could sustain us for a few seasons.
Halifax, if they get the Commonwealth Games and a stadium could support it. Maritimers are intensely loyal to anything hometown ----its like Rider fans. I'm not convinced about Ottawa, I think Quebec is a better choice but you have stadium problems there.
Of course the biggest problem with expanding by 2 teams is filling the rosters.

I wish there was a third option, allowing for partial agreement. I would like to see the league expanded, but 16 teams? I don't think so. I agree that Wright has done an amazing job as commish, and dumping him is stupiduty. But I guess the owners don't like having someone without lots of money telling them how to do the job and spend the money.

Jeez...I never thought about that. Sorry. You're right...I should have had a third option for partial agreement.

I really think that 10 is a good start. Beleive it or not...Quebec is viable. Football has boomed in that province since the return of the Als. You ever watch a CIS game on the weekend...those people love football now. And a Montreal/Quebec rivalry would be amazing!

I am not saying those are the definite choices for cities...but the idea is eventually to hit 16 teams. Start with 10...and grow to 16. By putting a team in the city, and a good management team that can market it, it should work. Empasis on 'good'...not some guys just happy to own a team.