My view from Sec. 536

Sorry this is a bit late, but wanted to share a few thoughts from my trek to the SkyDome for Saturdays game.

First, the positives.
If you ever find yourself venturing to T.O for a game, you might wanna consider sitting up in the 500's. I was really, really, impressed with the vantage point up there. We were about 4 rows up right at the 55. Was perfect! High enough to see the plays develop, but not so far away that you felt removed. And boy are those seats steep!

Also, kudos to the Argos gameday presentation. I really enjoyed some of their animations and their "300" style theme. Really cool. Plus, they managed to keep the crowd somewhat involved. An unbelievable accomplishment.

From a stadium standpoint ,the only thing that bugged me was the lack of stats...There was beans all for actual football related information on the jumbotron. But, a fairly minor issue.

The biggest disappointment was, alas, the football. As per usual though.

As much as I hate the Argos, I really feel for them. This game should be a rivalry game--but, we offered little more than what a highschool team would provide in the way of competition. It was a sad, sad, display of Canadian football.

Despite beautiful weather, perfect for football, fans avoided this one like the plague. This game should easily be the Argos biggest draw...instead, it was pretty much their smallest. And that's no fault to them at all.

Some people I met there pointed out two near-empty sections in the 200 level that are entirely owned by season-tickets. Those fans couldn't be bothered. I don't blame them.

It also bothered me that our crew decided to phone this one in. I know the season is cooked, and there's not much to play for, but there were still 28,000 who paid to see it.

It'd be great to know in advance if players and coaches decide to take a game off - it'd save a lot of people from buying tickets, fighting through traffic and parking headaches.

Thats the thing with going to dome stadiums for cfl games. I went to the BC-ticat game at the dome. Even though they announced the crowd at 28000. It seemed like 15000 tops. Same with the skydome. they just dont have the fan support that Hamilton has. At the skydome, they announce a crowd at 29000 and it looks like 15000. I know the skydome is 50000 capacity but Im sure as you mentioned the corporate season ticket holders, some of them dont show. It makes for a lousy atmosphere. its nothing like IWS.

Not many places can hold a candle to IWS. We mustn't forget that.

But, for the facility they have (which, IMHO, gets unfairly knocked) they do a good job of it.

I agree,

I prefer the outdoor stadiums. Its just a better atmosphere for football.

Going to the skydome is impersonal if you ask me, No football atmosphere at all!!
You get these small crowds that don`t make any noise.

Anyway, I`m sure Ivor wynne will be a sell out against Winnipeg.

You thought the view from the 500's was good?

Last time I was there I was in the 200's around the 45 yard line and I felt like the field was in another building. Awful.

Yeah, I know what you mean, the 500 level does have it’s charms. It’s like a spotter’s booth view of the game. The steepness makes the view reminiscent of the cheap seats at Commonwealth actually. Not something you would want all the time maybe, but it’s both fun and affordable to get a cheap ticket, hop on the train, and voila, CFL game.
It’s conduciveness to drink smuggling is also very underrated - I’m pretty sure I could’ve opened a bar and grill over in Sect. 516 on Saturday and not have even been hassled. And you can even get season’s tickets up there for like $125.00. That’s good value. Too bad it’s in Toronto.

Amen. Maybe we had no business still being in the playoff hunt, but the fact is, we were. With Casey on deck, a win against the ripe-for-the-picking Argos, and who knows what happens? Calvillo’s out, Bishop exited mysteriously, Edmonton and Calgary aren’t exactly running away with the crossover…treating it like a game instead of an evaluation camp would’ve at least given this the appearance of a redeemable season. Is even the illusion of hope too much to ask? Putting Chang back in there to start the 2nd half clearly indicates the coaching staff had already given up on this season.

I was sitting in sec 537, row 2 and the view was great but it takes a little getting used to being so high up. I sat in the 100 level for the game last year and it was awful! The tickets were twice as much as for the 500 level but you couldn't see anything.

I also had a really hard time finding the stats. They only post the time, score, down, etc on this tiny digital screen that runs around the the front of the stands and on a screen in the end zone. Half the time you can't see it because of the glare from the sun. It would make way more sense to put the stats somewhere on the Jumbotron and make the other graphics and videos a little smaller.

I like going the the Jays game because I like to park under the dome. I get off at the Lakeshore and turn left on Rees St north to get into the dome but the football people have their festival there and block traffic going into that lot. The other garage under the dome takes forever getting out. The circular lot takes 5 minutes or less to get on the Gardner. I heard the Gardner was closed last weekend.

Been to Roger’s Centre, and the Big O, both much like NFL stadiums I’ve been to - Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals) Ford Field (Lions). The sidelines are 15 yards wide so even in a good seat your still too far from the action. If your in the endzone seating forget feeling like part of the crowd. Give me IWS anyday!!!

The view is not bad at 500 Area.
I Too was up that high Behind the ticats Bench.
Skydome(rogers Center) is nothing like our IWS but dose it have to be ?

I don't think so.

Since there were obviously a few others sitting in Level 500 behind the tabbies bench....
Did anyone see that clown from up there shoot the jumbotron the bird? I can't remember why but they were scanning the crowd up there and some dood flipped off the camera.

Yup, I saw that. Was a nice touch of Ivor Wynne at the Dome, i thought.

I was considering mooning the camera to have my cheeks glaring on the Lite-Brite (aka Jumbotron)...but couldn't drop trou quick enough.
Next time out I might write 'Argos $uck' on my cheeks hoping for another appearance on the Lite-Brite. You KNOW what I'll use for the 'O' in Argos.

Good childish would that be?!? Not saying I won't do it...just stating how immature I find that type of behaviour.

Whoops...did I just admit to giving the bird to the Jumbotron? I guess I did.
I couldn't resist letting everybody know my plans for a future appearance on the Lite-Brite

Atta boy J-93. Next year when we're winning and have thousands making the trip to T.O, we should all commit to making some obscene or offensive gesture if/when shown on the Jumbotron.

As you said, it would be highly juvenile, but extremely comical! And would make people from Toronto gasp in shock.