My video replay section is closed

Im done with posting video here....I put them up for the purpose of discussion(seems to me that is what the forum is for)not for my health!

I have done it for years for all teams and it can be a fair amount of work and all I get in return is insults, accused of hating teams and called a loser whiner and mod abuse!

The video replay section is now officially closed!

what are you talking about???

ro1313, You shouldn't let a few unappreciative posters ruin your day. Remember the source. I enjoiyed your videos.

Ro I like you, but this week, at least, you were furthering a personal agenda, and got called on it.

When you won't even accept the findings of people AT the game (in regards to the flag being thrown), what sort of reaction do you expect?

Now go find some Bomber cheerleader video for us to discuss.

Nobody will hurl insults if you find those! :wink:

come on ro. keep it going

Now go find some Bomber cheerleader video for us to discuss.
Nobody will hurl insults if you find those! :wink:
Amen Brother

Oh, you gotta carry on. So you get some flack where the videos were closer to your heart (i.e. in respect of your team). I didn't get a chance to comment on your comment on my comment, but I was going to say "Good point (where you said it's not about what you think). I may have misinterpreted your intent; i.e. to start discussion, not to hold to a position. Ain't nothing wrong with either, frankly ... except the latter tends to generate more heat, that's all."

Do carry on, for the greater good ...

its a good thread that gets almost 10% response to views, specially after 1000 views.

I have often started topics with outthere comments that have become very hot, with almost 10-1 against me. I never mind. Its fun. Take on all comers and take no prisoners. Stick to your opinion as long as you believe it, and dont apologize, yet also dont be too proud to admit it someones point has made you reconsider. Its all good

I think you should continue, not everyone is going to agree with your opinion on the replays, and those people who toss insults in response really aren't the intended audience anyways.

And what personal agenda was that?
Do you think I was trying to get the league to change its mind and award the win to Montreal?

It's ridiculous comments like that, that will surely make me want to change my mind!

Artie, I think you were off base with that comment. He posts videos(or did) all the time, and yes, he has his opinion. He has posted other vids that involved his team, and never once did he say that the Als won/lost because of the one play in question. I disagreed, but I did not insult him, but rather, debated his points. I believe that what this site is clearly for-- to discuss issues and debate opinions. Yes, some do get carried away, even I have on occasion, but that doesnt mean I dont respect other people's opinions.
Ro, you should continue to post the vids, wether it involves your team or not!

I am sorry that RO wants to take his ball home with him. The simple fact is that he did more than just post a video. He made things up about how the play happened and got called on it.

I have generally found RO to be a good poster, but I think he went overboard with his interpretation of the video's and made things up to support his view.

He’s an Als fan, and posted vids of 4 plays in which he felt calls went against the Als, and none that were so-so that went the other way (of which there were a few, including a couple of hits on Durant that were at least as egregious as the one on AC). He refused to budge from his pro-Montreal conclusions, including going so far as to dismiss what people at the game saw, as it differed from what he believed to have occurred.

I have nothing against him doing this, heck, it was a fine thread, but there’s no reason to dodge calling it what it is.

He believes the Als got jobbed on 4 plays, and posted evidence to support his belief. Big whoop. It’s not like I called him a pig-thief or something.

Oh, and let me be the first to congratulate Mtl. on giving Armstead the boot. No more Reggie Hunt sitting in civvies while this clown mopes around on the sidelines.

This topic was unnecessary. Simply stop posting them. There was no need to create a topic with a soliloquy about it.

Ro come on now do not make me get on my knees. Many people like your videos including myself it is a good way to discuss the issues. there will always be a someone that will try to ruin it for others.

Ro posted his views and we always enjoy his replays... I think most here agreed if he had a valid complaint it would be the Cates call.. the fact he continued to push his view even though several people who were at the game refuted his so called 20 second delay on the flag and the obvious screen/contact interference call... hence the Sour Grapes comment.

Sorry I just call it the way I see it..

I am sure he was doing the same

I was going to post something lengthy to articulate my feelings regarding this and calling folks that disagreed - unappreciative posters ruining it etc but in the end would it serve any good? No

One poster actually made me get out the dictionary for "soliloquy" which by the way means

1 : the act of talking to oneself
2 : a dramatic monologue that represents a series of unspoken reflections

I think in the end further debate serves little purpose. No one wants you to stop making the video edits - we want the right to disagree. I do think think your response was over the top but I will take back saying that I thought a mod shouldn't have posted like that...

Please use your advice and don't take things so seriously. Nothing on a forum is worth that much emotion. Unless of course your talking about a 4-0 team but that's another story lol

Ro, you can't stop dude!! As I said elsewhere, a little controversy is good...keeps the blood flowing...and at my age, that is a good thing!!
People get a little carried away from time to time, but I thought while people argued vociferously, they were mostly civil. I think if you polled the regulars, you'd find 97% of us enjoy your video recaps and hope you change your mind.

Ro babycakes, don't stop posting the vids.