My Vick is a Sick Man...

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Vick is expected to be suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after news broke Tuesday evening that Vick was indicted by federal authorities in connection with dog fighting in Virginia. The indictment followed a three-month investigation.

As a Dog Owner I am sicken by this ..
I hope the NFL Gives this lo-life a Lifetime Ban.

You are not serious. A lifetime ban?
What is the punishment for the crime of dogfighting. A fine?

How about that pacman dude. He is running around shooting at people. He gets a year.
A few dogs get killed and this man's career is over?

I am Serious a Livetime Ban.
Pacman should also get one for his Actions.
Humans can defend them Self to some Degree.
an Animal Can't .
Frankly we take Hurting Anmimals Way to lightly.
A lifetime Ban would be Example to others

One year without pay. Would probably send others a well deserved lesson.

From Reuters this morning:

"The charges allege dogs had been put to death by drowning,hanging,gunshot and electrocution. Vick and his associates are also charged with shooting dogs that did not pass muster after tests of their fighting ability."

Lovely. Why would you want this guy in your league? I eat meat...I don't have a Disneyfied view of animals but there is a huge difference between killing animals for food and torturing and killing them for the amusement of me and my buddies.

Hopefully he does time and any NFL suspension is irrelevent.

Finally a person who isn't a complete PETA freak!

Anyone who wants him in this league if he is in fact guilty is also sick.

I didn't know the details before I spoke.
The post a couple above this one.
It's gonna be tough for Micheal Vick to get out of that stuff.
I have no opinion on the detailed content of the charges but think Vick is in trouble.
Once CNN gets a hold of it, watch out.

If convicted, he faces 6 years in prison!

Isn’t that just frickin’ charming…just today, in Saskatchewan, a man with a history of taking physical advantage of young girls and boys just pled guilty to and could be out in seven years for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two minors…where are our priorities, people??

...COULD be out in seven years my dear...hopefully he will see many parole hearings that don't go his way....but the beauty of the ruling jm is that because this sicko did not opt for 'dangerous offender' status, hence the seven year sentence, it also means he is sent to the general prison population and not the special segregation unit....that seven years could be a lot shorter than we think.....

I'm of the belief that those sickos shouldn't be segregated anyway....there is honour among criminals, and even the most hardened thief doesn't generally take kindly to those who exploit the innocent nature of's hoping he loses a lot more than seven years while he's in the clink.....

That plea does nauseate me, though.....

Agree jm. I was almost one of the victims when I was a kid in the Catholic Church. The person who almost got me is mentioned in this article. If it weren't for my mom and dad who basically said "no way are you going to spend a night at the rectory with this priest" I too could have been a victim. These people are sick and shouldn't see the light of day for a very long time. I was an altar boy at the time.

This guy Whitmore has been arrested Four other times regarding charges like kidnapping, luring, disobeying orders to stay away from children he even applied for a babysitting license and GOT IT! He was charged for crimes against two children shortly after!

Every time he gets let out, he re-offends.


. . . oh yeah and Micheal Vick, so far, has been suspended for the pre-season.

A lifetime ban for sure.

"A few dogs get killed"????

No, dogs were used, abused, and tortured. And all so this ego maniac could profit and act like a big wig.

Mr. Vick IS a sicko...I wouldn't even attach the word "man" to his name. And yes, his career should DEFINITELY be over. Who wants a role model that gets pleasure out of another living creature's pain? Not anyone I know.

And to ice this cake, he cowardly tried to point the finger in his family's direction so they could take the heat. A "man" would've shown some accountability and accepted responsibility when revealed. But he tried to pin it on family members. What a loser.

jm...we don't have to disregard one for the other. Priorities for me mean it's ALL wrong and I can be equally disgusted with each act I hear of that involves sick people who hurt others. Whether they be animals, children, elderly...whatever.

Just because we feel strongly about this doesn't take away from the fact that other stuff gets us just as riled up. So to bring this into play is kind of irrelevant. They're both sick acts that deserve our attention as far as I'm concerned. As with children, animals can't defend themselves and don't deserve to have unnecessary pain and suffering inflicted upon them. So I'd hate to see this incident "downgraded" by comparing it to other atrocities. We shouldn't deflect from the topic here, which is that Mr. Vick is a sick man who deserves harsh punishment for his actions.

It isn't really a question of "priorities" these things arise they are all priorites that deserve our attention. And you can't ignore one because another is "worse".

The thing with these high profile athletes and celebrities is that they also have high profile and very good lawyers. I do hope that if Vick is convincted on the charges laid against him that he does do some jail time.

Those are some pretty disturbing things he's being accused of doing, and it's pretty sickening to imagine.

Thanks for the sermon, deb…don’t much care if you don’t agree with my point. I value children above animals always, and will always be aggravated when the sentences have the possibility to be comparable…

Back when football was REAL, that was exactly the kind of Role Model Coaches were looking for.

But of course now football is a childrens show. We can’t have anybody MEAN playing in the NFL. AFTER ALL WHAT WILL THE CHILDREN DO? WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!???

" Vick!!! Hold on buddy!! Don’t worry, if convicted I am quite sure the President Of The United States will Pardon you! "

The days of role models are gone.
Deal with reality.

Who is a role model these days anyways? Watch the TV. We live in a world where the NEWS source that is supposed to provide facts cannot even be trusted. Where the President has done more horrific things than anybody in his country and any other president of his time. The Government and Billion Dollar Corporations are working like a Well oiled machine to take over the PLANET and all I wanna do is watch some football without having to hear it crossover into that bullshit world of headlines, deadlines and morality issues.

BUT NO!!! Let’s all call for Vick’s head. Cuz Calling for the Impeachment of the president these days gets you thrown in jail. Imagine if that was the crime Vick was accused of. Now that would be an interesting conversation.

Whoa! Thyrllin! Step slowly away from the computer. Pay no attention to those unmarked black helicopters over your house. Michael Moore and Oliver Stone think you need to relax!