My Username is an Oxymoran!

yea, but i didnt have to point it out for you...

Offense was treacherous in the 1st half... brutal... ray had something up his arse, the linemen didnt block, i dont even think Whitlock had over 50 yards the whole game...

Defense did great at times... but btw defense... there is a SECOND DOWN! So many tipped passes at the line, and then 2nd and 10... the lions get a 1st down! like... HOW DO YOU NOT STOP THAT 3 TIMES OUTTA 4?

DB's are a disgrace to well... DB's... Didnt do a damn thing all game... we got 1 INT... big whoop.. we cant capitalize on offense so whats the god damn point... I had a huge hunch that the Defense would blow the game, and when simon made that TD catch with 12 seconds, WITH, might i add, TWO DBS RIGHT THERE, i wasnt even shocked, i laughed my ass off... and congradulated the Eskimos for screwing up another game, lmao, its still making me smile... i dont even get dissapointed anymore, im used to a peice of crap football club...

Id love for us to lose every game from here on out and to ultimately miss the playoffs!

I’m not disappointed so much as embarassed by this team.

pass rush - non existant

pass coverage - embarassing

O-line - beyond emabarassing

Offensive co-ordinator unable to get plays to QB - unacceptable in bantam football, Rick Worman’s gotta be laughing

Run game - league worst for a while now, unfortunately used pretty regular lately on 2nd and long (I shouldn’t have
complained so much about the 3 yard passing game we used to use on 2nd and long)

I’ll continue to cheer for the Esks, and hope they win a game or 2, but it sure is painful to watch a group of pretty good ball players who are not a good team.

It is becoming a little embarrassing... that play at the end with the two guys colliding... that was like something out of a slapstick comedy routine... all you needed was the funny music in the background.

As a DB myself, i swear id be embarressed walking down the street if i were in those DB's shoes...
Thank god ill never be in their shoes, i dont think i could ever be as inept, and challenged to playing DB as they are...