my turn to rant

as we strive for our perfect season, we must seriously step back and take a look at a few things....

  1. people b!tched and complained about our kicking game, so the cats went out and got setta, who imho is doing a great job...

  2. lost in the whole outcry of being 0-5 is the fact that our #1 pick in the draft looks like he could be a good one..nice hands and willing to take hits

  3. holmes was finally returning kicks and doing a fine job

  4. eventhough maas did not get us into the endzone he DID move the ball well, i believe that he had a decent game and, like the offence has improved each game.

  5. we have a back-up qb that has a huge upside and will soon enough lead this team.

  6. people wanted good old hamilton type football, hard hitting ferocious linebackers...ZEKE and destroy and armour are that!!!! EVERYONE in the cfl is talking about zeke, he is great and will mature into a dominating MLB.

all i am saying is that everyone wanted a wholesale change by the cats.well, you got it. NOW , people complain because they think that you can take 23 new players and mix them into the bunch and you will have a championship team..BE REALISTIC, stop being the typical hamiltonian (pessimistic and complaining about everything). REALIZE that this team is moving in the right direction, and for god sakes, for once, take a GOOD look at the positives that are staring at you in the face.I LOVE HAMILTON, I LOVE THE CATS AND NO MATTER WHAT I WILL ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE POSITIVES.

ONE LAST THING, ponder this: i have read how people are saying to boycott, and to be honest i have had moments where it crossed my mind.BUT, what does that accomplish?NOTHING, our players dont need to look into the stands and see 15,000 empty seeats, they need to look to the stands and see 29,000 people who believe in them, have confidence in them and will support them . empty seats will ultimately drag their confidence even lower than it is. this team is on the verge of turning the corner and as fans i think that WE could be the ones to give them the push they need..

I agree with all but 4. I'm willing to lose but not with a proven loser. The only change I felt was mandatory last season still hasn't been made. Until it is the rest won't matter

I agree with all but #4 and hope to heck you're right about #5.

I agree with all but #4. You don't win games between the 20 yard lines. Glenn aired it out a few times and you could see how that affected everything else from field position, to points on the board, to opening up room for Roberts, etc. For some reason, Maas has no deep game and that's a huge limitation.

A QB change is long overdue. Damn, 0-5 to start!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

If they can start to gell mabye we can put a streak together to end the year.

The offense is as 'gelled' as it can be with Maas.

Maas doesn't have much of a short game either...

ok, so people dont agree with #4, we had around 400 yards, how can you deny that maas did NOT move the ball? do you people not remember the 180 yrds and 220 yrds in our first couple games? i agree that in the end we need tds BUT do NOT ignore the obviuous, our offence is starting to look like and offense , we just need tds.

He didn't get a TD.
He didn't stretch the D.
He didn't keep his cool.
He didn't use good judgement under pressure
All in all he didn't have a good game

I am not a fool.

Maas had terrific yardage. You don't win with yardage. The track record is solid in terms of lacking in TDs. His composure late in the game is disheartening and again, proven with history... 23 games of Tiger-Cats history.

The offense is indeed starting to come around and the questions are fewer and fewer. Maas may soon become the last question to why we aren't producing.

Stats are for losers, save the stat on the scoreline.

now on the flip side, had we won 18-17, and maas's stats were the same would all you people be so critical, i highly doubt it

Actually Maass has always been the first question to many

Scoring in the red zone is usually the final piece of a new offence to develop. I know it’s been 5 games, but until our head coach loses confidence in Maas I am willing to abide by his experience in coaching (especially) the QB position. He has a track record of improving EVERY QB he has coached. If Taaffe says stay with Maas it HAS to be the right decision, imho.

I’m not apologizing for or defending Maas. I’m merely deferring to someone who knows a lot more than I.

Excellent post joedavtav.

And I don't think Taffe knows what he's doing. He freely admits it in fact when he says he doesn't know what to do or he's never had a team lose 4 games to start the season

Actually I think he was saying that he's tried everything he knows to turn things around and has been unsuccessful. That doesn't mean he doesn't know what to do. I think, with all respect, you were reading too much into that. Taaffe is a great coach. If he is unsuccessful in turning things around I don't think ANYONE would stand a chance. This is the biggest challenge of his career. We'll see what happens by the end of the season. I'm disappointed, so far, but as a fan, I'm still hopeful.


Taffe is ignoring the most obvious problem for reasons that cannot be explained. That is what makes me question his abilitiy to turn this around

To say Jason Maas had a good game by pointing to his yardage totals is a joke. In the first quarter they showed a stat that both teams had around 80 yards in offense. The difference was that we got thirty yards each time and punted, they put the yardage together in one drive and scored a TD. Score: Winnipeg 7 Hamilton 0. But according to our "Maas had a decent game" the quarterbacks were equal. The name of the game is to score touchdowns. For five games this year and all of last year, Jason Maas, for whatever reason, has been unable to do that. It is time for a Chang(e).

I love this post and agree with it thoroughly. But I can’t believe such a good solid post has already deteriorated in to a Maas vs. Chang debate. Because really, that is what this forum needs. Another Maas vs. Chang topic … :roll:

Good work everyone! :wink:

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The problem started because of yet another Maas apologist The original post was flawed in that regard only