My Tribute video for Jamall Johnson!

I try to make a video for players that gave great years for there life to our team. All the best to JJ where ever he ends up, maybe he will still resign with us, only time will tell.
He was a great player lead the team is tackles last year, and a great player and on a personal note, always took time for the fans, ALWAYS!

JJ signed back with BC. Back where his CFL Career began and where he calls home with his wife and young daughter.

Congratulations JJ!

Enjoyed every minute of your time here in Hamilton. I consider him to be a textbook example of how to play linebacker. Perfect footwork, perfect tackling technique, role responsible, professional, prepared, focused, intense, reliable, dependable ...

Will be missed but I wish you the best back with Wally & the Lions!

You're one a da good ones JJ.