My Tribute to Markeith

I small video I made for Markeith!

You're a good man. That is a lovely tribute. Also led me to this video.

Good times. Hard to believe JJ is the only one left from the "boat"

great video Bruce, A nice send off for a great team player. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work,nice tribute Bruce13,also kudos to Banshee,yup ! if the boat was like the t.v. show "survivor" J.J would be the winner of the sole survivor prize!!!.....tis sad that we can't seem to keep players for more than a year or two. :cry:

Thanks guys, I was at Practice today and the management even saw this, told me thanks for putting it together and it was a great job and tribute to Markeith! Always nice when the management see the time and dedication I have for this team. GO CATS GO!! :thup:

Great Job Bruce, nicely done. Thanks Markeith for being a Tiger-Cat and keeping fans on the edge of their seats! All the Best in your next stop in Football.

Hopefully Knowlton sees this tribute as well Bruce, so he knows how much the fans (especially yourself) appreciated his time as a TiCat and that he will be sorely missed.

again fine job and thanks for posting Bruce. :thup: