My tribute to Leo Lewis!

Legendary Winnipeg Blue Bomber RB and CFL Hall of Famer Leo Lewis passed away at the age of eighty on 30 August 2013. Here are scans of a few of the Leo Lewis cards from my collection:

Nicknamed the Lincoln Locomotive, Lewis was a six time Western Conference all-star during his eleven years with the Blue Bombers from 1955 to 1966. He averaged 6.6 yards per carry and the 8861 yards rushing he amassed over his career stood as a Blue Bomber record for 41 years until finally being surpassed by Charles Roberts.

The Bombers appeared in six Grey Cup games winning four of them during Lewis' years with the club. (The Bombers' opponent in all six of those Grey Cup games were the Hamilton Tiger-Cats who appeared in every Grey Cup game but the one in 1960 in the 1957-1965 period.)

…..My favourite Bomber of all time....Lewis could do it all and was a very big reason we won all those Cups under Grant...Bud said Leo could have played in the NFL easily but chose to stay in Canada...AND Grant certainly new players as he coached CFL and NFL teams....Just a fantastic football player was Lewis and I can still picture him 'dippsy doodling' along the sidelines leaving some pretty good ball players in his wake...

Someday, we'll have to do the Top 10 Blue Bombers Runningbacks thread.

#1, imo.

Is that Leo Lewis card your own?


I started to collect those 1959 Wheaties cards about twenty years ago but the cardboard stock that they used has a strong tendency to yellow/tone which I hate. (When it comes to cards I'm tough on corners and toning, but I'm easy on centering.) I was finding so very few of the 1959 Wheaties (or 1956 Shredded Wheat) that were up to my quality standards that I abandoned the effort. I don't remember the Wheaties cards from the schoolyard anyway so I have basically no nostalgia for the issue.


I'm a rabid fan and collector of the premium 1950s and '60s CFL card sets ('54 Blue Ribbon, '56 Shredded Wheat & Parkhurst, '59 Wheaties, '62 & '63 Post, '68 OPC to a lesser extent). Not that I'm focused on completing sets or anything, more of a HOFers, All-Stars and rookie card enthusiest. Somehow I have managed to collect 49 of the 50 cards in the 1956 Parkhurst set. Based on what I've seen & experienced, I've got about a 50/50 shot at finding the final card before I croak.

Not so much the Topps sets, that stuff is plentiful, cheap and easy to collect in comparison. No "thrill of the chase" involved.