My totally radical rankings

forget standings. going by gut instinct, no brains required :slight_smile:

based on how good I think they are today, and how I think they would do for the rest of the season, all things remainding equal, which they wont of course, but


Hamilton makes the playoffs.

Now the beauty of this is, If I am even close, I look like a genius. If not, well, hey, just a long shot for fun prediction :lol:

ok im going to do some serious ones

1 - BC: despite all the injuries they are still five and one with their top two QBs out, 3 starting members of their secondary and strong side linebacker. also a starting reciever, yet they still find a way to win

2 sask: beat lions with some injuries of theyre own

3 WPG: manhandled by a good team in hamilton, if this happens again they will drop a heck of a lot more then one spot. defence is riddled with injuries. once this team is healthy i think they will claim a solid number 2 spot and you will see an even better Defence then 2006

4 montreal: starting to gel well as a unit. lost there starting kicker and still managed to beat TO in back to back series, which is VERY hard to do against ANY team.

5 calgary: pulled off a good win against edmonton. still way to inconsistent, but when theyre on theyre on

6 edmonton: may be bottom of the west, but they are still a pretty good team pulling off wins against a few tough teams

7 hamilton: crushed a good opponent in wpg. keep playing the way they did last friday and you will see them start climbing not only the power rankins, but the standings as well

8 TO: another team that injuries has completely taken over. without bishop they look lost. i thought damon would be able to help then he goes and gets injured to. when bishop is back u will see them start climbing as well

alright heres mine (Current Power Rankings)

  1. B.C: lost to Saskatchewan with their 3rd
    string QB Jarious Jackson....but earlier in the season when these teams met....BC killed them...and still has the best record in the league despite injury problems

  2. Saskatchewan: have the second best record in the league and has scored more than 40 points TWICE already in only 6 games and has allowed less than 10 points TWICE in only 6 games...and if it wasnt for a second half meltdown in week 4 against Edmonton they would be 5-1

  3. Calgary: Henry Burris struggled after the vicotry against hamilton but i feel he is back and better and has a great recieving core to pass too....and almost beat BC in week 5 with Buck Pierce starting for the lions

  4. Winnipeg: Was Rocked by Hamilton last week and were losing with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter the week earlier to hamilton...and barrelly beat montreal in week 4...but they still have a great team and has been plagued by injuries

  5. Montreal: if it wasnt for a home and home series against a Toronto team without their starting QB they would be 2-4 or maybe even 1-5...but The passing game has come together...while jarrett payton hasnt done anything special

  6. Hamilton: Beat Winnipeg last week and kept it close with them the week before while keeping it close with BC in week 4 and almost came back in Week 3 against Montreal. Also Hamilton has the leading rusher in Jesse Lumsden who is averaging an incredible 9 yards a carry. Zeke moreno is 2nd in the league in tackles with JoJuan Armour in 3rd. Nick Setta has the best field goal percentage in the League. Hamilton is a way better team then their record shows but could force some more interceptions only having 2 this year and those came from the lincebacking core

  7. Edmonton: Is on a 2 game slump but both of their victories have came against winnipeg and Saskatchewan who are 2 good teams but they currently have lots of injuries that include...Jason Tucker, Tyler Ebell, Shannon Garrett, and Dan comiskey...all 4 of those players will not play this week and i would look for another loss this week to Hamilton

  8. Toronto: On a 3 game losing streak and i am starting to wonder if they will even win another game before Micheal Bishop comes back....but they do look Pretty Scary with Bishop......But may not be able to make the playoffs if they dig themselves in to much of a whole to get out of.

This weeks picks:

Calgary over Montreal
Saskacthewan over toronto
BC over Winnipeg
Hamilton over Edmonton

As for picks

Calgary coming off the battle for alberta victory will let down, Montreal wins a close one at home.

Sask wins. unless they self destruct on offense.

After last weeks blowout in Hamilton, I would pick WPG if they were at home, but Lions win at BC place.

Hamilton will also have a letdown after their big win, Edmonton wins in Landsdowne.

Wed. 8/8/07 My PR's

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. BC
  3. Calgary
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Toronto
  6. Montreal
  7. Hamilton
  8. Edmonton

Sorry Ti-Cats fans, love ur team I really do, but they gotta back it up first.

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No offence CFLgameanyone but I see you put SSK above BC because SSK just beat them and that is fine. However you placed Toronto ahead of Mtl yet Mtl just beat Tor, twice, in a row

Yeah, Toronto's a little high. They should probably be 8, with Edmonton taking 7.

Toronto should be 6 at the highest

How? They just got beat twice by the same team.

I said at the highest... lol

Whoops. :oops:

:P :P

Upon closer inspection, I tend to agree with you PR's were done with thought of where the teams came from. Beacause it does relate ultimately with where you are headed. But thats not what power rankings are about. I stand corrected as power rankings come out weekly to gain perspective on league winning and losing trends. My consideration that left the Argos in the 5 spot was because they have a core of players that still play there from championship seasons past, and a swarming defence with the leagues best linebacker Kevin Eiben. I think alot of you might be surprised with Rocky, but for the Riders sake lets hope not too surprised.

Montreal seems to be placed higher than I would have thought - have they done something with Beullefeille that I haven't heard about?

And TO still has a top-3 D...if they can find anyone healthy to play QB, are they really worse than MTL?

Considering Montreal just beat them twice... :stuck_out_tongue: