My time with Dick Thorton CFL great

Dick Thorton played college football with the Northwestern Wildcats Evanston Illinois in the 1960s. A member of the-at that time-Big Ten. Thorton played quarterback under head coach Ara Parseghian. After 8 years at Northwestern Ara became the head coach at Notre Dame. Thorton was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and they traded their rights toThorton to another team He chose to play in the CFL He said it is a better more exciting brand of football. I met Thorton in a very unusual manner. He posted his email on an internet website and we communicated for about 4 years I still have his email in my email cache. And left a few of his replies there. In those years he was so gracious with his time. We talked about the players he played against in the CFL. His time at Northwestern and some of the All Americans he played with there. We had a lot in common. He moved with his family to the Phillipines and I was there stationed with the Marine Corps. As I recall he did some consulting work there. It was a dangerous time when he lived there. So most Americans were armed for their protection. His highlight at Nortwestern was a big win over Michigan and Ohio State. The local Chicago newspaper had an article with Thortons picture. I still have it in my email. I found out about his enshrinement in CFL Hall of Fame from a sports web site I subscribe to. Awfully glad I did not miss it. I will keep you informed of any further information I am able to come up with later on. Thanks. Bob Dudley


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When Dick was backup to Bombers QB Ken Ploen ('56 Iowa and Rosebowl champs)In the late 50s, he cut a great figure. Dick would come into games and use some razzle dazzle college plays that fired all the fans up. He was known as Tricky Dickey. He was also a fine D back in the days when many players were two way. All of the players had day jobs to supplement their meagre football salary. If I remember right DicK sold Chrysler cars and drove around with a car marked as such.
He then moved in to Toronto and starred for the Argonauts.

Yes I remember Ploen. Say him play against Illinois. Heard him on the radio against Northwestern.To get more info on Thornton or any other CFL player. Go to Wikipedia and put the name in. Interesting stuff there. Thanks for your info and reply.