My Ticat Madden team template

As a service to users who play Madden football, I am posting some player information that may be of value for folks who want to create custom players and/or custom Tiger-Cat teams when applicable in their Madden versions

My roster was created for Madden 2004 PC version. Ports to PS2, PS3, XBox etc. may be possible.

Note that the uniform numbers given reflect the fact that not every one who wore a particular number in real life can share the same number on a "video game" team (e.g. #77 being the number of Hal Patterson, Tony Gabriel, and Grover Covington -- I chose Covington and issued other numbers to Gabriel and Patterson -- your mileage can/may vary).

Madden PC versions do allow for uniform numbering mods that conflict with NFL rules IF an editor such as Madden Amp is used. More information about this can be found online. A good Madden PC site is for discussion re various versions, platforms, and downloads ...

The roster choices I made are a combination of my personal preference as well as Zuger9's All-time Ticat Depth Chart that I've posted in another thread. The height/weight information was taken from Internet and Ticat Media Guide sources where applicable.

Some players were also shifted to positions that they temporarily played to help "fit" them in the specific roster slots of a Madden team template. Safeties and slotbacks are two examples of this -- you have free and stromg safeties and tight ends to account for. I made Darren Flutie a WR and Rocky DiPietro a TE to get both of them on the field for my team. Again -- your team choices are yours!

Without further ado:


  • -- University -- N/A = University is not listed by Madden 2K4 PC version or Madden Amp 2.3.2 editor or not known


1 Earl Winfield WR/KR 5.10 / 190 North Carolina
2 Mark Streeter CB 5.11 / 193 Arizona
3 Paul Osbaldiston K 6.03 / 225 N/A
7 Hal Patterson WR 6.02 / 205 Kansas
9 Joe Zuger P 6.00 / 200 Arizona State
10 Bernie Faloney QB 6.00 / 193 Maryland
14 Danny McManus QB 6.00 / 206 Florida State
15 Less Browne CB 5.11 / 162 Colorado State
16 Chuck Ealey QB 5.11 / 185 Toledo
17 Willie Bethea FB 6.02 / 211 N/A
18 Howard Fields FS 5.10 / 190 Baylor
19 Johnny Shepherd HB 5.10 / 185 Liberty
20 Jimmy Edwards HB/KR/PR 5.08 / 183 UL Monroe (Northeast Louisiana)
21 Rufus Crawford HB 5.10 / 189 N/A
22 Don Sutherin FS 5.10 / 193 Ohio State
23 Rocky DiPietro TE 6.04 / 210 N/A
24 Lewis Porter CB 5.10 / 189 Southern
25 Dave Buchanan HB 5.11 / 205 Arizona State
26 Garney Henley SS 6.00 / 180 N/A
28 Lance Shields CB 6.01 / 177 Drake
31 Ben Zambiasi MLB 6.00 / 215 Georgia
37 David Shaw CB 6.00 / 180 California
41 Bob Krouse LOLB 6.02 / 230 N/A
42 Rob Hitchcock FS 6.01 / 210 Weber State
43 Frank Robinson ROLB 6.02 / 223 Tulane
46 Chet Miksza C 6.02 / 248 Washington State
49 Tim Cheatwood LE 6.04 / 258 Ohio State
50 Henry Waszczuk C 6.02 / 258 Kent State
51 Eddie Bevan RG 6.02 / 244 N/A
52 John Motton ROLB 6.01 / 225 Akron
53 Joe Montford LE 6.01 / 235 South Carolina State
54 Ellison Kelly LG 6.01 / 231 Michigan State
55 Bill Danychuk LT 6.03 / 249 Tennessee
56 Vince Scott DT 5.08 / 230 Notre Dame
58 Jason Riley LG 6.04 / 258 N/A
60 Bronko Nagurski RT 6.01 / 252 Notre Dame
61 John Barrow DT 6.02 / 250 Florida
63 Vince Mazza LT 6.03 / 233 No College
65 Paul Dekker TE 6.05 / 220 Michigan State
66 Miles Gorrell RT 6.06 / 280 N/A
68 Angelo Mosca DT 6.04 / 270 Notre Dame
71 Mike Walker DT 6.02 / 245 Washington State
73 Calvin Tiggle MLB 6.01 / 235 Georgia Tech
74 Pete Neumann RE 6.02 / 245 N/A
75 Tommy Joe Coffey WR 6.02 / 230 West Texas A&M
76 Tony Gabriel TE 6.04 / 230 Syracuse
77 Grover Covington DE 6.02 / 255 N/A
78 Larry Butler RG 6.03 / 255 N/A
80 Steve Stapler WR 5.11 / 165 San Diego State
82 Darren Flutie WR 5.10 / 184 Boston College
85 Zeno Karcz LOLB 5.11 / 200 Michigan
87 Tony Champion WR 6.01 / 175 Tennessee
90 Billy Ray Locklin RE 6.02 / 248 New Mexico State
95 Cookie Gilchrist FB 6.03 / 249 N/A

Oski Wee Wee,


I've started to blog again at my Madden custom team blogging site: . I've listed howtos in creating a custom Madden team in Madden 2004 (PC) which may also help customizing a Madden team in other versions of Madden. As well, you can find in-game strategy tips, screenshots, slider settings, and roster editing ideas.


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Very impressive! You have my vote for fan of the year.

Thanks Zen! I play Madden 2004 (PC) and Madden 2005 (PS2). I've been away from the PC version for a couple of years or so, but I got the itch to get back into it. is pretty much the only Madden-centric PC outpost for rosters, artwork, playbooks, etc. left standing. is also interesting for custom artwork.

Hope folks like the insights I can give -- and also pass some along to me re recent versions of the game and any mods they've done to their Maddens.

Oski Wee Wee,


Great screen shot. Looks amazing to see Ticat uniforms on the players.

I'm a mac guy myself so I really have no access to the computer game but I have been itching to grab a PS2 as there are many older games for it that I love. As recently as last year I saw a PS2 in a bestbuy flyer for 129.00 so I guess they are still made.

I got my PS2 about 4 years ago at a pawnshop for about $80 as I recall. There are plenty of deals on and for different PS2, PS3, and Madden-related stuff. Madden 2005 on the PS2 is great!

Try to get Madden 2004 on PS2 if you want more flexibility in making a Ticat custom team. It pales in comparison to the flexibility one has with the PC, but at least you'll be on your way with a team with a similar colour-scheme re uniforms.

Another must: ESPN NFL 2k5. Absolutely phenomenal integration of the ESPN TV presentation into a video game! The only issues are gameplay deficiencies (re INTs and placekicking) and a buggy franchise mode. Just for the eyecandy, it's top drawer!

However, Madden's franchise mode is superior IMHO. Madden 2005 really levelled the video playing field by boosting team defence in the game. Also, it has a true coach mode like Madden 2004 in both PC and PS2 -- as I am not a joystick warrior and like instead to call plays -- it's essential for me. LOL

Copies of these are available in video game retailers still, pawnshops, and online on Ebay and Amazon. They'll only set you back $5-10 these days. I recommend getting a backup copy as well (something I need to do). I have a good Memorex Optifix CD/DVD Repair Kit that helps with any scratches you can get with used PC and PlayStation discs.

[url=] ... B00008EM7V[/url]

The screenshot above is from an old PC of mine. I know that my current rig will do much better in this regard, so I will add some CFL team screenshots periodically to my site and here too in relevant threads. I have extensive artwork files from various user sites, so I can pretty much recreate a CFL-looking NFL game from the 1950s to the present. Lots of fun during long winter days and interminable off-seasons. LOL :wink:

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More Madden 2004 magic:

Bernie Faloney

[url=] ... en0000.bmp[/url]

The link above is to a field turf surface I employed in the game.

A good video card and the Madden 2004 PC patch allows for uniforms to get "dirty" as the game progresses, so having a grass field adds a nice touch. LOL

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One more thing: PS3 is backwards compatible with certain PS2 titles. Eventually I will make the upgrade (likely this spring). You cannot go wrong with the Blu-Ray functionality either!

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I’d totally love it if I could play this on my PS3 :thup:
Mines 120 GB so it’s not backwards compatible whatsoever.

Indeed. for a 20, 40, or 80 GB PS3 unit compatibility check with earlier titles. My Madden 2005 is not compatible with those machines, unfortunately.

I'll try to post some Madden 2005 PS2 screenshots shortly. It will be images captured via my TV card (composite mode), so the resolution may appear more scrunched than if it were fed direct into a display.

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A Madden 2005 (PS2) screenshot:

That was captured via my TV card.

Oski Wee Wee,


One more screenshot dump for your perusal/edification:

My custom Civic Stadium mod

Cats vs. Steelers

Cats vs. Broncos

Cats vs. Raiders

A custom TIcat endzone screenshot.

Garney Henley -- my fave Cat when I was a boy.

Many of these were taken in previous versions of that team which I made before having access to Madden Amp. Since then I've been able to edit body shapes, uniform numbering, etc. The ability to customize the PC version of the game is amazing! :wink:

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Hi folks!

I just got a "new" used copy of Madden 2004, so I'm back in the game. :wink:

I've re-rated my all-time Ticat team using Madden Amp and the 1972 Dolphins roster as a template ( :wink: ). Substituting subjective rating assessments based on my fan experience watching certain players, I've improved the playability of the game in franchise mode as I've "de-juiced" a lot of the ratings of the players on it.

In addition, there is a good slider set for Madden 2004 that I recommend -- Redwolf's v. 10. I have tinkered with them to get a little more of the passing game in the overall offense.

More on this is available on my Madden blog at .

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Zen, Madden 2008 had a Mac version. I can't vouch for it, but there is a playable demo available.

Of interest, check these links:

[url=] ... nfl08.html[/url]

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just a note of interest here, considering we are talking bout the tigercats via video games

the recnt editions of the ncaa video games have had a new edition called teambuilder where you can create your own team from scratch with many different customizable jerseys and what not, im not sure if youve heard of this but it is a very useful tool for creating cfl teams and putting them on your 360's or Ps3 and you can also do it for pc

ive endulged myself and have created some of the american teams from the cfl american explansion days and have also created a cfl allstart team for the 09 season and the 2010 tigercat team just this week, i do encourage you guys to check it out if you are into customizing teams for video game

heres a link to the teams ive made Madden NFL - EA SPORTS Award Winning Football Franchise - Electronic Arts

also if anybody plays this game or knows people who do, let me know if you have any request for teams because id be more than happy to do them:)

Being an off-week with the bye, I got to tinkering with my Madden 2004 Ticat team for the PC and have updated the custom art file to better reflect the current uniforms and the look of the new stadium. I've included some screen caps for your enjoyment. :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,


I know nothing of video games, but I like this.
Akin to watching the old games on youtube.
Why no Sanderson or Philbrick?
Philbrick with a cast on his arm would be awesome.

My player choices loosely folllow Zuger9's project results -- although I did make personal selections at times based on players I followed as a young Ticat fan. Obviously everyone would have their own "team" based on who they would pick.

Oski Wee Wee,