My thouhgts of the first win....problems still evident...

The Als and the Bombers played a hell of a game, both teams playing their hearts out. But there was one thing that separated both teams, Don Mathews and Jim Daley. What was he thinking when he kicked the ball away after the safety in the fourth quarter. Honestly, why would you say that with 12 seconds left in the game? They could easily have scored had it not had been for our great defense who as of late has been saving our lives, play by play. When I was listening to the post game show walking to my car, I heard Jim talk to Bob Irving about how they have finally “rebuilt� the team and how the fans were completely behind him. We were behind him alright, yelling about how he went for a yard and a half on third down. Why would you go for that? When you didn’t have to, he commented on how “…well it’s something that I wouldn’t usually do.� I don’t think that it’s something anyone in their right mind as a coach could do if they didn’t have to.

But let’s continue on, the offense clicked on all cylinders as they scored 51 points against a great Al defense. Though after this game they may not seem that great, or they may not have been that great to begin with, but Kevin Glenn and Charles Roberts still laid a licking to ‘em. While Roberts ran for an outstanding 195 yards, Kevin Glenn made an outstanding return throwing for I think around 160-190 yards I believe. Though they seemed to take the energy away from the Defense who loosely saved the game in the end as Calvillo continued to throw long all game and led the assault as they almost beat the Bombers. But Offensive honors really goes out to the offensive line THESE GUYS ARE THE PLAYERS OF THE GAME! And I must mention Goodspeed, he really has made a difference since he’s come here.

The defense held the game intact for the Bombers but in the second half the game looked like it was slowly slipping away as they picked the DB’s apart in the air. But the defense was led by the defensive line creating much needed pressure on Calvillo causing him to rush his passes. In the end not much to say for the defense, not much has changed except for the fact that the defensive backs do not stick with the receivers and allow them to trot down field with the ball, though much improvement has been seen.

Special teams got the initial touchdown in the game and I think that it sparked the team into their first half raid on the Als. My only beef with the punt returning team is that they continue not to open holes for Stokes, hopefully things become better in the weeks to come.

In closing I just want to say that in the future I hope that people begin seeing that Daley’s stupidity is going to be the end of the team. The sooner Taman fires him the better.

A few bumps in the play calling at the end, but what the hell, I dont think they expected to be so far ahead and it almost cost them, bottom line though is we held on down the stretch against one of the elite teams in the league, my hats off to the boys, great win.

Yeah, they played their hearts out though sadly it seemed that they had to play against their coaching.

i noticed Vinny did some nice blocking early in the game

Good observations, I have said before the Wpg d-line may be the best frontmen in the league. The secondary is still quit scary though, Calvillo's tossed >400yds, after 2 OK games the big play crept back in. O-line is getting better...with all the imports it should be. Roberts is finally getting the rust off.

If the offence is really back on on track we will know against that light I see at the end of the tunnel?

There were only two things that screwed over the Bombers. (These led to other problems as well) On the 3rd and 1 gamble they handed the ball to Roberts. I was all for going for it only once Roberts gets the ball he's about 2 yards from the line of scrimmage. They should of just done a QB sneak and gotten the first. And it seemed that after this the Bombers just fell apart. Good thing they smartened up by the 4th.

justin coleman looked weak and was picked on all game. i think we should consider a replacement for him.

Justin Coleman is a high risk, high reward type of DB. He gambles and goes for big plays and picks. He needs time to learn WHEN to gamble, and when to just make a textbook play. He's gotten a few picks though, and its tough to argue against that.

Yeah, but there's one man that I gotta continue to watch. Boyd Barret constantly shows how fast he is. He can race down the field just as fast as Roberts could, I can honestly say that he partially reminds me of Juron Bolden.

Agreed, I think we have ourselves another special teams star. Boyd Barret is something else. The week he was hurt our special teams was pretty sub-par. Heads up player, but I haven't really been able to see what he can do in the defense.