my thoughts on who to keep for next year

well were 1-6 and yes we are improving but i think we need to build up for next year. We could make the playoffs possibly but its not going to be easy.

We have some players that need to be signed to a contract and one of them is jesse lumsden.we need to get him signed to hamilton.

Here is my pick on who to keep based on what i have seen this year.The ones in bold are a definate must.

Kori Dickerson
Corey Holmes
Tay Cody
Timmy Chang
Nautyn McKay Loescher
Richard Karikari
Nick Setta
Jason French
Zeke Moreno
Sandy beveridge
Dwight Anderson
Michael Roberts
Jesse Lumsden
Lawrence Gordon
Jykine Bradley
JoJuan Armour
Agustin Barrenchea
Ryan Glasper
Cedric Gagne marcoux
Jerome Davis
Marwan Hage
Peter Dyakowski
Jonta Woodard
Jo Jo Walker
Brock Ralph
Nate Curry
Darnerian McCants
Chris bauman
Clinton Wayne
JP Bekasiak
Jermaine Reid

These players im unsure of

George Hudson
Pascal Cheron

I really like them but if they stay injured all year there not work keeping.

These players down below i say get rid of next year

Anthony Davis : hasnt been utilized a lot and with corey holmes and jesse lumsden hes not worth keeping not unless we get rid of holmes for another player then keep davis.

Anthony Arceneaux: i havent really seen enough of him to want to keep him and with some of the receivers we already have i wouldnt really miss him.

Jason Maas: now i know some of you might not like me picking him but i dont think hes the future of the cats. Hes very inconsistent and a lot of times the recievers come up with the big catches ..the ones taht are really hard to reach in the first place or are too low thrown. Hes not that great of a quarterback. Yeah we have good games with him but i dont think hes worth what we paid for him. Im sure we could get something better for our money.

Richie Williams: i wasnt sure about him or not but overall i didnt see much of him to really keep him..hes played a few games last year and a little bit this year and if he was gone i wouldnt miss him.

Phillip Gauthier: with having sandy beveridge and richard karikari at the safety positions..there is no need for him.

Julian Radlein: isnt as affective anymore as much as kori dickerson is.

Matt Robichaud: hes not worth keeping..he plays special teams but he can easily be replaced.

Marcus West: havent seen enough of him to really want to keep him.

Ray Mariuz:isnt as affective at the linebacker position as much as Moreno Armour and even Glasper and barrenchea.

Eric Ince: im not convinced about him yet. Hasnt played enough to get a feel for what hes really like.

Ryan Donnelly: Hes an alright guy and what not but overall i dont think he is as good as Cedric Gagne Marcoux and Dyakowski and people like that on the offensive line.

Roger Dunbrack: Is not as strong as i would like the front four to be. I think Jermaine Reid and McKay Loescher are strong at the front and Clinton wayne is not too bad also. im not too convinced about dunbrack. Bekasiak will only get stronger in the front also.

Thats basically my look on the team

any thoughts or opinions on this?

The team doesn't want to rebuild all over again..

THIS is the rebuilding year and thats why we s.u.c.k. Dumping over half the guys we have now will put us right back where we are now.


Matt Robichaud is the teams long snapper and is greatly needed. You obviously didn’t know that I guess. Having a good long snapper is VERY VERY important.

id keep lawrence gordon he's played well and i feel been our best db this season. i don't know if holmes will be here next year with his contract as much as id like him to stay and used somewhere properly. if not maybe sask would love to get him back.

Robi is the best long snapper in the league. I have to agree with you, dropping half the guys on the team would NOT be a good idea. We need to get (or at least play) better in some spots, but dropping a large number of players isn't going to help. There will be some replacements, but I wouldn't be looking for wholesale changes.

Emms is correct. Gordon has been a beast out there. Very impressive.

ok i guess your right...maybe not a major change in players but a few major ones would help this team. I think our major issue is our offensive line and quarterback. We need better protection for our quarterback and once we find the better protection then we need to change the quarterback all together. Jason Maas is not the future. Like i said hes very inconsistent. Timmy Chang is our future but hes not there yet. We need someone to lead this team more consistently.