My thoughts on Ticats / Argos game

1 . Good overall team effort and intensity level and urgency
2. Burris made the plays when he needed to and avoided major problems but overall not that much offence and not much of a run game for WALKER as he seemed swarmed by 3 to 5 tacklers and minimum blocking when he touched the ball . Burris received decent pass protection .

  1. I noticed our defence caused a lot of two and outs and Ray was not comfortable . Our pass rush was better and intensity was there ..our pass coverage was great and our linebackers all tackled well . Jamal and Markeith had good games .

  2. Nice job by our Aussie punter and he has also pushed a returner out of bounds.

  3. Our specialty teams where better but could still improve .

  4. I think cobourne should play next week with Walker and no Onrea Jones . Of a receiver goes down then we can play WALKER and Coburne.
    7 Nice runs by Burris when we needed it . Also he made good TD passes when we needed them to Williams, Grant and Fantuz .

8 We still need to get Walker , Fantuz and Giguure more invloved in the game and more screens and passed to Walker .

9 We also still need to blitz the linebackers more ..

10 Boyd ran well again and carried tacklers alot ...we need take this guy down

11 any news on injuries to carlos thomas ? buckner ?

12 i hope peach is ready to play soon to see what we have in him ...
13 bucker has been great and having hin and hinds is great
14 chris williams had a great game

And when you do have a perfectly set up screen to Walker with 3 linemen out front… Those linemen need to actually BLOCK SOMEBODY and not just let the tacklers waltz by.

Agreed on pretty much everything you said.

Been a problem for a few years, back to before Cobb arrived.

I find that he still needs to learn to angle his punts more. Most fall between the numbers, although at least this week they were close to the numbers.

Or maybe we see Darcy Brown line up at wide-out?

When was Bucknor injured? Or are you asking about Young? (broken hand)