my thoughts on this years team!

I think the tiger cat season looks really promising. We have a good group of players and I look forward to the start of the season next month.

In our offence, i like our group of receivers this year. Chris Bauman looks really promising along with Chris Getzlaf. I think we need to make room for the both of them, along with newcomers Atnas Maeko and Ivan Birungi. I also like Talman Gardner coming back and Kwame Cavil. Brock Ralph is a keeper and Mike Morreale. Possible Iain Fleming also.

As for our offensive line, i think we have a good group of guys that we can work with and with that being said, i think marwan hage has to go. I want George Hudson playing that centre role. he is much stronger at that position and with what we have for guards, i think the majority of them look better then marwan hage.

As for Running backs i like the idea of Jesse Lumsden and Corey Holmes alternating. I would like to see at times them playing together side by side each other...corey holmes as the rb and jesse as the fb. i also like the looks of having a TE like Robert Pavlovic in the backfield.

As for the defence, i like what i see. Were going to have a strong defensive team this year. I can see starters Tay Cody and Sam Young playing as defensive backs and lawrence gordon and jykine bradley as cornerbacks.
Im not sure what is going to happen with the safety position. we havent had anyone really good since rob hitchcock in his younger years.

As for the linebacker positions, i like the looks of Zeke Moreno and Quinton Caver. I think Zeke Moreno should try out for middle linebacker position with JoJuan Armour and maybe Quinton Caver on the outside.
maybe even just putting agusin barrenchea on the outside with armour on the other.

As for the defensive front, i like the looks of JP Bekasiak playing along with Nautyn McKay Loescher or even clinton wayne. As for the defensive ends i can see anothony collier taking the one side and even steve josue as the other side.

Thats my take on this team

What about the QB position? Maybe Maas can revert back to his old form if his surgery was successful. Butler should give them a veteran presence in the backup role, but the fact Desjardins is still looking at trying to bring in Shawn King tells me he doesn't think the two youngsters are ready for combat.

Well Marcel hasnt seen Chang and WIlliams play at all or much so I think it would be to early to make any kind of decision on them.