My thoughts on the TICATS /ALS game

  1. I liked the play selection by Cortez and company .
  2. Overall the team played well in the 3 aspects of the game . Offence , Defence , and specialty teams .
  3. We won the war in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
  4. We switched up our defence to rush 5 DLINEMEN in 2knd and long situations which was very helpful
  5. Jamal Johnson has an expecially good game as did Peach, Boudreau and Mcelveen.
    6 Peach seems to bull rush alot and he ends up pushing the lineman into the QB or reaches around at the last minute
    7 Burris was perfect 27 of 30 and is now using Fantuz . All he has to do now is use Giguere more and Stala .
    8 Guguere was givin one direct running play and another reverse and his results were average . I am waiting for this guy to break out with all that speed and strength .
    9 We stopped their running game and calvillo found himself on the ground alot or throwing with players all around him .
    10 in the past calvillo would find areas to throw where nobody was between him and the receiver and he excelled .
    11 kudos do CREEHAN and his game plan.
    12 What cam I say about Chris Wiliiams ..He is a star at reciever and returning kicks
    13 I still thnk our offence can do better .
    14 Walker showed he is improving in his inside running
    15 Did anyone notice FOURNER 37 run through two guys on specialty teams ? He is a beast
    16 i noticed TONS of FANTUZ shirts especially in box J ..Andy must have like 50 people coming to the games for him
    17 The offensive line was great ..HAGE looked back in form ...
    18 i was happy with each DLINEMAN as well .
    19 the db's were decent especially TISDALE

Burris- 27/30 360yards 4 tds. Two receivers over 100 yards. 8 different receivers caught a pass. 4 different receivers caught touchdowns. Walker- 80 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown. 39 points on the board. NO TURNOVERS! I am not sure we can ask much more from these guys after last weeks performance…

Also, I did notice Fournier is just an absolute animal on special teams. His job is too blow up the wedge…and he seems to take his job very seriously. I watched him going flying into two Alouettes on a kickoff and the two Montreal guys just ate him. MASSIVE collision (happened RIGHT infront of me on the field pretty much).

This play needs more recognition. Fournier sacrificed his body just to blow up the wedge. He got absolutely crushed, but in doing so he occupied the two blockers so someone else could come up and make an easy tackle.

Agree 100% Definitely an under appreciated role on the team.

Agreed. Now I'd like to see what he can do with the ball on short yardage.

I think Fournier would enjoy more running over someone than being run over....

Hi Gerbear:

I agree with your observations. I rewatched the game and didn't see the 5 man dline, and I was trying to watch the line play in particular on both sides of the ball. Maybe, I need a bigger screen??? Yeah...that's it!!!!!

"Peach seems to bull rush alot and he ends up pushing the lineman into the QB or reaches around at the last minute"

I thought Peach played a pretty aggressive game.What concerned me was that he was pinching in too much and not trying to keep that outside contain in case Calvillo would get outside him with his legs or a pass. Other than that, loved seeing him in there.

Boudreaux created a lot of chaos for Montreal. Could he be a new DE star in the making???

I too thought that Creehan's game worked fine. I had my concerns early in the season, but this defense is coming together. Tighten up the secondary a little more. Tisdale, I thought was effective. I noticed that Casey is not running onto the field to high jump with his players like he used to. Perhaps, George has discussed that with him.

I would like them to bring Giguere into the offense more to give the other team's defense more to plan against and to open up more space for the others. And yes, I too would like to see how great he can be.

I also noticed that Walker's blocking is improving, and the Oline is moving some opposition bodies out of the way for him. Someone please tell Mr. Simmons to look around while he's out there. There were defenders getting in clean through his area and sometimes on the short routes to Burris. Also saw that problem creep up in the Argo game.