My thoughts on the offense, Mike Kelly, and everything else

I really hope pro players don't read football Forums, if so the Bombers are doomed! Never mind that they're struggling at 1-3, how could you ever attract a Free Agent to Winnipeg if they go online and read some of the stuff coming out of Winnipeg. I'm a Bomber fan and even I wouldn't go near Winnipeg if I was a player, especially if could get good offers elsewhere. Why bother? It's like playing 18 road games a season, and the worst of it comes at "home". Be that as it may, the way every offensive player gets slammed for mistakes is enough to scare anyone away from here. Pretty much the welcoming sign could read "if you're not perfect...go home!".

Our treatment of kickers has begun making it's way around the CFL. When you got a backup kicker (at the time) saying he'd rather stay a backup then be a starter in Winnipeg because "I'd get death threats after one missed kick", I mean that's excellent! Sure home crowds will give their team a few boos here and there....but nothing like in Winnipeg. We like to call ourselves "passionate"...which translated means "Hopless Perfectionists"....are we worse than Philly fans? Well we haven't booed Santa.....YET, but the season is still young so we'll see.

We do have issues on offense, but very little, if any of it, has anything to do with the game plan. It comes down to execution, and Lefors has not been executing properly, the scary thing is he's going backwards the last two games. Game 1 he came in, he struggled BUT he did lead them into field goal range to tie the game (until a stupid penalty pushed us back). Game 2, he struggled some more, but we knocked off Calgary (a big help from the D obviously). But in the Hamilton game he struggled a lot more than he had in the first two, but was still making good reads, and had a lot of "almost" plays that, had they connected, would have changed the game. Last night was different, he looked like he was second guessing everything he was doing (which can happen when an entire Province wants to see you burned alive) and for the first time he didn't throw with the confidence he had in the first two games. Randall did nothing, which is exactly what I expected. Williams moved the ball a bit. I liked the zip he put on the ball, I liked the fact that he was able to find Edwards and Bryant, and he can still make plays with his feet, as well as playing with condfidence.

The scheme isn't the problem. Had Lefors had accuracy early on, he would have been successful because a lot of the routes Winnipeg is trying to run are timed routes. He was making the quick reads, but in his attempt to get the ball off quick he lacked the accuracy and missed guys....not to mention guys were dropping balls too, and mis-reading where they were supposed to be. But the quarterback eating monster that is the Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan base immediately, from pass 1 it seemed, refused to give the guy any slack or any time to develop, it was pretty much put up Ricky Ray numbers now or die! Now lots of people can point to Lefors numbers and say they were bad, and they were...but even if he had been at 60% completion rating you really think it would change things? This all stemmed from the moment Kelly was hired.

People were either pissed off that Marshall wasn't hired, or that we didn't go after this guy or that other guy, and there's Winnipeg fans who just automatically hate any move Bauer makes before he was even in Winnipeg people were wanting him to fail. Then he probably got rid of their favourite player (Canada, Moreno, Goodspeed, Picard, Gauthier, Hall, Malveaux, Samuels, or Kai Ellis). Well Picard and Gauthier were gone either way, they both wanted to be play closer to home so they wanted either Toronto or Montreal or Hamilton. Goodspeed was made because Kelly wanted an All Canadian O-Line, which I think IS the way you need to build an offense. Moreno was good but he was the odd man out with Barrin and Joe-Lo, and he gave them trade value (we'll see how Riall Johnson pans out). Hall would be benched given the way Shabazz has been playing, and Kai Ellis GOT us Shabazz.

Knowing Winnipeg, and knowing how we treated Cal Murphy, Mike Kelly knew what was coming...but Lefors didn't. I think he could handle the newspaper articles and the callers on radio blasting him....but I think it was getting booed at home that finally got to him and shook his confidence. I mean a young QB learning a new system and with new players and a new O-Line, he needed time to work things out, but now with his confidence most likely shot, it probably won't happen which is too bad because the kid had potential. And it wouldn't really matter if we brought in Printers, Bishop, Calvillo or Ray....eventually at some point the Bomber fans would want him run out of town and replaced by whoever was the #2 guy....and the cycle would begin again.

The weird thing is nobody ever slams the defense. Even when we had a horrible secondary with Marshall running our defense, everyone LOVED Marshall. We freaked out when Kelly got rid of Malveaux, a guy who couldn't tackle properly to save his life! We were enraged when we got rid of Juran Bolden who was in his mid to late 30's cause he was just too slow. And now there's people angry at Kelly for getting rid of Cam Hall even though Kelly replaced him with a far superior player in Shabazz.

I just really hope next off season there are good FA's out there that don't read internet forums lol

....bottom line is bluengold....we have a very good defence.....we have an offence that reeks....Just look at the stats. from the first 4 games...gawd awful....You can lay the blame on the offensive/qb. coach( kelly) and or the quarterback(s)....It's there right up-front for everyone to see....Fans don't jump a player or coach for no reason...This game, that was quite winnable against a 'not so good' argo team, just proved how lousy on offence we really are ....Changes HAVE to be made...simple as that. :wink:

What ? Bomber fans are no worse or better than any other fans out there. Just been a long drought and this guy (Kelly) came in so abrasive that the fans are taking it personaly. When Glenn came off the bench last week and beat the Bombers. You had to know this was coming. Kelly should have put his head down and worked at making this team better. He had no right to destroy the front office and turn it in to an expansion franchise. Season ticket holders didn’t sign up for that crap. When you can’t put up ONE score at home, you can’t blame the fans, when the coach takes a 20 yard penalty, you can’t blame the fans, WHEN THE qb YOU HAND PICKED AND GAVE UP TWO TOP DRAFT PICKS FOR BLOWS YOU CANT BLAME the fans.when the QB you cut comes and gives you a beating, you can’t blame the fans. When you offer Sarah Orlowsky if she can throw a football…

We do in Winnipeg. Matt Dunnigan, Khari Jones, Kevin Glenn, Ryan Dinwiddie, Kamau Peterson, and the list goes on, heck in the last two years there were even people suggesting we needed to trade Milt Stegall.

If Week 4 had been start of all this, you'd probably have a point. But the hatred towards Lefors started right after Week 1, you're telling me one game is enough to denounce a rookie QB? And as for Kelly, people wanted him fired before the draft even happened, heck before he made a roster move people wanted him gone. This reputation is going to start hurting us as we're going to become the Eagles of the CFL, a team nobody wants to go to..and a big reason is their fans.

Ticat fans are almost the same but a few key differences. Instead of getting mad at our players and writing death threats, etc., we bother other teams players when they come on and off the field, we make fun of the coaches, we yell stupid things about the refs, opposing players and coaches at the top of our lungs, we beat the pi$$ out of opposing fans who come in and try to mouth us off because they could get away with that in any other stadium, we go absolutely insane when our team is winning because it’s been such a rarity the past few years. Sigh, I love Ivor Wynne stadium, can’t wait till Friday :smiley:
Bring on BC! GO CATS GO!!! :rockin: :rockin:

No , you guys don't show up to the games. Winnipeg fans bother other teams (God forbid it snows before a game in oct or nov !!!), and rival fans just as much as Hamilton does. Winnipeg fans get on their players when ,clearly they are not giving 100% . I wish there were more fans in southern ontario, with the passion for the CFL ,that you have. There is no reason for Hamilton not to sell out some games this year.

Hey, we've have 22K+ people at our games each game this year and Ivor Wynn holds I believe 27K. Not bad for a team with crappy win records the past few years. Ticats are better this year and hopefully that sinks in around here and some games do sell out. Glad I got my seasons already :smiley:

It would be nice for the East to have 3 play off teams at or above 500 for a change.

I was at a Boxing Day match in England of Brighton & Hove Albion where "the fat bastard" got booed. :lol:

"We do have issues on offense"? :lol: :lol: :lol:

You make it sound like there are only one or two minor problems to be worked out.

Reality: This is the worst offense the CFL has seen since the U.S. expansion era. This is not an 'issue.' It is a serious, serious problem that goes far beyond LeFors's inaccuracy or receivers not consistently getting open. Mike Kelly, as the architect of this new Bombers team, must take responsibility for this mess of an offense. It's his team. His players. His hand-picked QB. His 'brilliant' schemes. His disdain of the shotgun. His lack of success with any of the three QBs on the roster. His decision to cut last year's starter and not bring in a veteran to back up LeFors in case things went wrong (and things have gone horribly, horribly wrong). His decision to release a top receiver, further depleting a receiving corps that had already lost one of the game's all-time greats to retirement. And finally, his decision to 'fish or cut bait' by bringing in Bishop, a tacit admission that what he himself brought to camp was not even close to being good enough.

This is all on Mike Kelly and no one else.

You could not have said it better. This is not the fans fault. It's incompetance of MGT and the coach.

I can't even believe your ripping into the fans. Lefors has no business being a starter, and we thought jeff reinebold was bad well get a load of this kelly guy. Hey Mike I would rather have a flag football offence right now then your embarrassing crap. If the fans keep it up we might even get a new head coach or a real offensive coordinator. What a shame that would be!

So I guess he MUST be a moron. I mean he decided to stick with Barrin instead of Moreno, he made the obviously idiotic move of bringing in Shabazz, like the true incompetent loser he is he decided to bring in Heffney at DB, he found Donnie Smith a younger and cheaper replacement for Tyrone WIlliams...what a dumb move that was, Fred Perry was another stupid move on his part, and putting together an O-Line that before Friday was anchoring the league's top rushing attack and allowing the fewest sacks in the league....I mean OBVIOUSLY the guy is a moron cause what have guys like Shabazz and Heffney added to our team? What kind of contribution is Barrin Simpson....I totally agree, he's ruined this team.

It doesn't matter who he brought in. The simple matter is that this team is a long way from winning. Kelly's play calling is questionable. There appears to be more problems than just QB. This past game with the Argo's showed that this offence would have trouble against the best high school defense in Winnipeg.

The play calling isn’t horrible. His formations and schemes aren’t bad, it’s mainly the execution of them. The draw plays on 2nd and long isn’t an uncommon strategy either, NCAA, CIS, NFL and CFL all use that play…Argos run an option where they have KJ boot it out. Now you could fault him for going back to it too many times maybe, but the concept and strategy isn’t the problem at that point. That motion formation isn’t a bad idea either, it’s not a new idea it’s actually an “old school” formation, similar to Miami breaking out the Wild Cat last year, only difference is Kelly doesn’t get all winter to run over the playbook with his team like the NFL does.

...are you still around here Mr. Negativity.....Growing pains my friend didn't think we were going to waltz into the Grey Cup after literally gutting this team did ya dawg.....c;'ll have to be a little more realistic than that....Although i can't see you being anything but negative...that's your reality....By the way have you got an idea on where you'll be sitting in the new know the one you said would never happen :lol: :lol: :lol:

Laugh all you want papa. But if the past game is any indication of future Bomber play, then you can expect a lot of empty seats at future games. So while you are eating your 3 year old hotdog in the new stadium and possibly watching a high school game instead of CFL football due to MGT incompetance. Now I don't want to see that. The fans are Fed up with listening to the B.S. coming from the Bomber office. You were one of the fans who said Kelly was a genius and we would be competing for 1st place. Some Genius.

…there you go again with your false info…show me where i ever said Kelly was a genius…i’m calling b.s. on ya Mr. Negativity…with no credibility :lol: :lol: :lol:…Enjoy the new digs if you have got balls enough to show up at it… :lol:

Oh No. You are not getting out of this one. When they signed Kelly you were very high on him. You were one of the fans who thought we would be competing for 1st. That Kelly was a genius and had the smarts as he had a degree in coaching. I could go back and post some of your previous threads. But I would rather not waste my time on you.

Obviously there is going to be negativity when 3 of our quarterbacks put up a whopping what 66 yards passing the whole darn game? Oh not to mention 1 whole first down in a half not even a touchdown in 2 games, hell throw me in at quarterback I could put up those numbers. You tell me whats positive about that and youll be a worse liar then a used car salesman trying to unload a jalopy. Kelly has prided himself on being a offensive genius, he brought in a third string quarterback and threw him in as starter. Hmmm I didn't see anything wrong with that idea from day one. Just remember this, people don't remember what youve done right its what you do wrong that counts and everyone remembers, we won't soon be forgetting Kelly by the looks of it. His mistakes cannot be overlooked so far.