My thoughts on the game

  1. You can't put too much stock on one game ...for example Porter's bad plays were essentially the fault of the center and bad blocking .....

  2. Both Running backs looked excellent, Chevon Walker, James Berezik

  3. Our pass rush was not there and many of the dlinemen were getting tricked and chasing the wrong guy ...
    I like Crable and he showed alot but he got tricked a few times as did powel .
    Brandon Boudreaux had an excellent game and was good against the run and chased backs well like mcintyre used to.
    I think we should ask Baggs to come back for less money
    Rose and mcelveen were not noteworthy or bad

  4. Burris looked great but he does throw into double coverage alot ....great plays to wiliams and giguerre . Porter looked very bad let's hope he shows better next game . Dan LeFevour looked great but it was against 2knd team defence ..Forcier did not look good not sure if he is injured ? fantuz and grant were ok ..kelly did not look so good .,.jeffers had no chances . Murphy as akick returner did not look good ...Onrea Jones and dewalt did not get any chances as well nor did stalla

  5. ike brown looked good as did jean patrick and bullock for linebackers ..

  6. dee webb and bo smith and watkins , and m young showed well at db and turrene did not ..

7 punts .....the aussie looked good ...our specialty teams downfield tackling was good but return team was bad

overall we found out a few new players look great

boudreau , crable , giguerre, burris , walker , Chevon Walker , James Berezik , Dan LeFevour

and a few players did not look so good :


Yikes!!!! I know this was the first preseason game and all but the game is won and lost in the trenches, I don't like the sounds of this....... :expressionless: