My thoughts on the game

I must admit I was not a fan of Richie Williams. In fact earlier this year I said he was the worst of our 3 QB's at the beginning of the year. However in limited action today he looked like he had full control of the offence and was able to make plays when protection broke down. He definatly made a case to be the #2 guy.

Secondly I liked the way the team fought to the end. Think about this....We gave the Blue team 10 points on turnovers. Makes you wonder if we would've had a chance if we went to Williams earlier. Although I understand why Taaffe stuck with Chang.

I think we still need to get more pressure on QB's Bishop had way too much time to pick out his receivers. If we can get some pressure maybe the secondary will have more opportunities to make plays.

Go Cats Go!!!

17 points on turnover I believe. More than the margin of victory.....

Oh yeah I didn't count the Int return by Carter. Thanks. Damn new math eh...

Ha yeah. I guess Defence does actually does win ballgames.

My thoughts on the game: the Cats would have won had Williams started. But I'll admit that I wanted Chang to get another chance, and to be honest he was looking a little better until those three interceptions.

My Thoughts...

Richie Williams has definately shown he deserves the #2 quarterback spot! but we need to figure out what the Defensive Coach's problem is with calling plays Moreno was not impressed at all with him.

Why Williams did not start ?/ esp after Changs performance on Labour day/ -- Why Williams didnt start the second Half ?? And not until after 4 int,s ANd a missguided ? pass to B.R , who was put out of the game/? -- Williams and Printers will be a good tandem ,as long as Williams is content with his Paystub. -this will be a fun ride --

I think you go with Chang to start cause he's No.2, but now you've gotta move Williams up to 2 and make him the first in line to start in the future if need be.

Sure Willaims looked good, but that has to be put into context.

For all intents and purposes, the game was over when he came in.

The Argos’ defence stopped blitzing and they were putting in their bench too. Williams do not face the same defence that Chang did.

What's the chances of me getting a
walk in ticket for the next game??

If I was to believe many posts here,
I would think that Richie Williams

is the second coming of...err...Casey Printers.

More savvy talent-evaluators than myself dismiss him
for his throwing motion and the trajectory of his passes ,

but I like him and defend for the results
that I see him achieve in practice

and the rare opportunities he gets in games

Do we ever pass to the middle of the field? It seems to me that almost all of our passes are directed to the sidelines. (And they are still the short passes, get some longer routes in there coaches.)

Is our O-line getting worse as the season goes on? Not so much the run blocking, but the pass blocking has been brutal the last two games.

Where's the pressure from our D-line? This has been a problem all season, not just today.

Me and a couple friends took the trip to the game. The game was horrible, but after we went on the field and to the Ticats tunnel where a bunch of the guys kept coming out. We ended up with 15+ autographs, and got a chance to talk to some of them. Timmy you could tell had been crying, I felt bad for him. Zeke and Jojuan really take the losses hard. Casey seemed anxious to get out there and turn the ship around!

The Argos D will make a grown man cry.

well like said, we need to run the ball more often in other games! it gets the O-line fired up. we need to find ways to have these guys always fired up, I think that is the main problem with them!

Richie Williams demonstrated [ unlike Mass and Chang[ he can complete two TD passes.] He passes and runs well and is effective at play action. Hey you guys how come the TiCats have been hiding this talented QB. As An Alouettes fan, I hope is will not be too long until he becomes a free agent!!!

Prob just fine
Let me know if you can't get one ( but i'm sure there will be a few left lol )
I have seasons.


Hey just wait till we run him and printers out of town and the Cat's will trade you both for some poutine!!!!!!

Hey You Guys: Why have the Ti Cats been hiding this talent QB until today. I think Chang is gone and Williams will be second string QB. I hope Williams becomes a free agent before too long as My Alouettes need a young and talented QB.

The Argos D stopped blitzing when Williams came in?? Didn’t you watch the game… they were sending 6-8 guys constantly… why? oh ya we continued to run the ball for no reason… Why did it look like they “weren’t blitzing” is because Williams has great pocket pressence and has a arm… not a wabbly duck arm