My thoughts on the game - September 13, 2008

Defense dominated this game on for both teams.

You had the Riders bending but not breaking, you had the Lions and Cam Wake nuff said.

The Riders ere stangly taking a lot of penilties in this one, as the line got nervous about the BC blitz. I thought Bishop played good, sure he forced the ball when he should not have, but other than that I thought he played pretty good.

Wes Cates continues his outstanding 2008 season, once again becoming the CFL's leading rusher, for now anyway. Just when it looked like he'd gotten stacked up at the goaline he stretched across for a late TD.

You know each time the Riders start to come back in the 4th quarter my heart starts beating a little fast. One of these days I'm going to have a heart attack.

Overall I thought the game was exciting (at the end)

I hope the rematch next week in Regina is better, this time with the Riders winning of course.

It was a good defensive struggle. Riders seem to play BC very hard at Taylor field. I predicted a home & home split (Big Dave's pool) and as much as it hurts to day this, I think the Riders will bounce back and win this weekend.

I was surprized that Bishop stayed in the whole game. I would have given Durant the second half to see what he could do. It was evident that BC game planned Bishop to a "T". It wouldn 't have been a sign of defeat, but an opportunity for Bishop to see BC from the sidelines, and then game plan for next week.

Riders were always in the game. I don't know if pulling Bishop would have "Lit a fire" or not. Easy to second guess though.

Whats the forecast for the weekend????? High winds??? LOL

the weather looks for a Wake lying on the ground for half the game! getting his butt kicked.

you actually think they're going to allow him to run free this game?

no way.

this will be a good game! we'll come out and whoop em!