My thoughts on the game - October 3, 08

A perefect nught for football weather wise, I didn't need a jacket or gloves! lol

I'm going to be honest, I thought the Riders would get crushed, I thought Durant would be in by the second half, I thought Burris would light it up, and I thought the D would be playing the whole game.

Well. We won the game, Bish looked great Burris didn't light it up, and the D got some rest as the O was able to keep drives alive. Bish actually took off this game! Even the half-time show was good!!

Not much went wrong on this night, except when Bish fumbled the snap, and how come Stu Forde didn't touch the ball?? I really like that guy. Kudos to all the Riders' receivers, they all play a great game! BIshop played great also, rarely forcing the ball.

Overall great game by the O, D and the "Teams" as they call them now.

Huge win!

Yes Bishop played well enough to earn him another start. The D looked fired up this game great to see I just wish the D wasn't so open to the short passes especially when Stamp receivers can get decent Y.A.K. but they did shut down any attempt of a long game and a running game for Calgary. I think the D is going to have to play extremely well next week and keep on sacking on causing turnovers it was awsome to see JJ get a pick its been a while for him. Maybe if Cates is back next week our offence can have both Charles and Cates in the back field and try to confuse the Stamp D. To be honest our Offence has been easy to read but they have made nice adjustments like last night when the D stoped Bish from rolling out they just found a new way to keep him in the pocket it was good to see Bishop using his head and not getting anxious to make big plays.