My thoughts on the game - july 27, 2008

I've decided to try something new on this forum hope you enjoy reading:
Note: I will have a lot of type-os but I will try fix them.

A nice applause for KJ to start the game, very classy. When Durant went down and Jyles stepped in I was nervouse, I was nervous all day about the dark clouds and that didn't help it.

Then the rain hit, after a few minutes it was raining more inside then out (I thought they were going to fix that, didn't they learn their lesson the first time?) ON the opening few plays of the 2nd Q, the Argos were able to move the ball close to the goal line. When KJ ran the ball in, I thought to myself "man i remember when I used to go crazy when he did that." Now I just sat there with a concered look on my face.

I was glad I finally got something to cheer about as Jyles threw a perfect pass into the waiting arms of Andy Fantuz like always I went crazy. On the T.O. Td how did Bruce get so wide open? I heard he blew by double coverage, I couldn't see, I have terrible eyes.

On the Rider TD I was afraid Cates would get stuffed, but then I remembered how much of a beast Cates was, and he was able to take it in for a TD.

Then our defense was able to stiffen up holding the game close.

Fast forward a bit, 22-20, Rider on the goal line, was it the QB sneak that Jyles was clearly over the goal line? I have bad eyes and even I could see that! Glad we got in on the next play though.

On the last drive of the game, man it was loud!! How could they get the snaps off? I was yelling as loud as I could and I couldn't hear myself. When Joseph final pass floated incomplete I held up the five fingers on my right hand.

5-0. :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

Let me know what you think. If you like what I wrote, I will keep doing it, If you don't I will stope

Another note: I may have mixed up a few things that happened in the game, but I think I have all the events in the correct order.

Thank you for reading!!! :thup:

Cool but if you do it again run it through a spell checker first before posting something that long. Otherwise its cool to see what a fan thinks is exciting and sticks out in their mind from the game.

Ya, I would but my Microsoft Word on my cpu is broke and it won't let me turn it back on for some reason, thanks for the kind comments.

Keep it coming.

use Firefox - it has a built in spell checker.

Go with it DJ088,it's always nice to read something upbeat and heartfelt.....

Just don't go down thryllin's path into poetry. I still wake up at night with the chills over his "green waves of applause" or whatever.....

i like it... and honestly i dont care about typos... im not going to notice anyway. my spleling aint mucho betters. - lol