My thoughts on the game - august 7, 2008

The Riders enrance was intense!! Couldn't even hear the song! I've never heard it that loud during the entrance before.

What can I say about the 1st half? The o couldn't sustain drives, I would've tried giving it to Cates on 2nd down. Our defense was on the feild for almost the entire 1st half.

The half time show was actual decent, and fun to watch! (Wow) :o

I was suprised to see how many people stuck around for the second half. :o

What a catch by Boman for the TD. yay!!!!! everybody went phyco, (including me) it was pretty funny.

After the blocked punt, I turned to my brother and said holy sh!t we're only down by twelve, we can win!!!

With one ten left ED slipped and couldn't get to the revceiver (damn). I was so disapointed after the game. I was hoping our first loss would come on the road (or not come at all).

To finish off I would like to applaude the Riders for not giving up. Good job :thup: :thup: :smiley: :smiley:

Also, whoever was calling for Jyles to come in. wtf??? A couple people around were calling for Jyles and I thought do you want to win. I'm sure Crandell is doing better then we all expected anyways.

6-1 is still a pretty kick ass record.

Thannks for reading :thup:

I know the feeling. But like I said in another topic, I’d rather my team lose a couple in the regular season. It prepares them for the playoffs.

If only all teams (CFL and NFL) played like that… Damn. We’d truly be spoiled. :lol:

Bah! Fair weather fans!

Crandall was good. Ran for a big 1st down late in game. Remember? Without 3 or 4 dropped passes Crandall might have passed for another 75 yards. Crandall didnt lose game. I think big thing was Belton Johnson. When he got hurt Riders were playing without January. Without Johnson. 2 starting tackles out. Hard for Cates to run.

Chris Best was the guy who played for Belton Johnson.
Go to this link and click on number 66, Chris Best. He is the nerdiest looking football player i've ever seen.

P.S. I really wish we would have gone 7-0 because it's never been done be the riders.

The guy is 6'5 and 300lbs...go tell him to his face he's a nerd and i'll deliver the flowers to you in intensive care

especially if the other guy 5’6" and 500 pounds :lol:

Agree..Crandell played well enough to win...Dropped passes, fumble and drive stalling penalty did not help his cause.
I was really Proud how we came back at the end...never quit, even though the Injury Gods have cursed us.

Can you say five Freaking fractured fibula's five times??

Crandell was not good in this game, bad play calling over throw passes sure some were dropped, but every game so far he is throwing the ball to high and recievers have to jump to high, he has never been able to play a complete game he;s either good in the first half sucks in the second, it was the same as last game. there play calling was so easy to figure out what they were playing QB lined up at line you knew it was going to cates, should have done more screens and he should have ran with the ball more, Riders will not win with Crandell at the control for the entire season, we need durant in he's more mobile way faster and throws a better ball.Crandell is good for a back up not a starter. no repeat with him in control. Sorry disagree he did not play well and should have been yanked!

I don’t think Crandell played poorly, Calgary took away the run by stacking so many guys in the box, it wasn’t necessarily even the presence of Armour that was the difference, they just put so many bodies in there that we weren’t going to be able to run.

Crandell had a couple of passes that should have been 1st downs dropped by the receiver, giving the ball right back to the Stamps and tires out our defense.

I wouldn't say that Calgary took away the run. Cates only touched the ball 8 times. Armour definately was not the difference as he was credited with one tackle. The Riders inablility to move the ball and the early deficit caused them to get away from the run.

I am dissapointed with the loss, but I applaud the effort. It's not very often you see a team score 21 points in the 4th quarter. If nothing else, this shows that the team didn't quit.

I actually think the Riders came in with a good game plan on offense, early on the play action was working and guys were getting open, if they could have hung on to a few more balls we'd have faired better.

It's also a lot easier to run when you're winning, being down a bunch early forced us to go away from Cates a bit.

Crandell is about the least responsible for the loss.

The defence was horrible in the first half - I'm not sure Calgary punted. If they did, it was one time.

His receivers were plagued by the dropsies, and then, when you're down by 26, it's a little tough to lean on Cates as we have all year.

Toss in a makeshift O-line that was adequate at best, a limited playbook because your 1-2-3 receivers are ALL out, and, frankly, he probably exceeded expectations.