My thoughts on the game - august 31, 2008

The first play of the game was sweet!! sack!! (I don't know how to spell his first name) Williams is a beast.
When Bishop's first pass was picked I'll admit I was getting my pith fork shapened, jk.

On the first and only TD of the game, I went physco, who does that qb draw remind you of.

I noticed that Bishop like to throw deep lots, I thought Bowman should have had that one in the endzone. On the last play of the first half Cates almost caught it (I think).

Not much more to talk about. Defense was outstanding, Bishop played OK for only 4 days of practice. On the last Bomber offensive play of the game, was I the only one who noticed the Riders had to many men. The guy didn't make it off the feild in time. Everyone was going crazy about the pick and I'm like "what their going to get a penilty,"

Overall it was a good game, a win is a win no matter how you get it.

I dont think Bowman shoulda had that endzone catch. It would have been absolutely sick if he pulled it in, but it was just a little too overthrown.

The receivers are gonna have to realize that they don't have to stop and wait for the ball like they did with Joseph. With Bishop in they had better be running full tilt.

Yes. They have to run hard for those Bishop throws.

Bowman Should have had that one in the endzone.

The first INT was nothing. Bishop had to test the waters. Test the wind. Test his arm. Test his receivers.


  1. Thryllin did i see you interviewd on tsn and put on a melon hat?

Game showed plenty of potential. I like the look and feel of the offence now. I'll be more excited with more reps in practise and especially to see what they can improve on, and put together for next week.

richie hall, eddie davis, omarr morgan you guys deserve a huge hand for that D. spectacular. =) I liked the lineplay too, glad they picked it back up in the trenches.

All in all a solid across the board effort.

Bishop shall slide into a mix of crandel / josephs offence. And i suspect once the wrs get more reps with him, they will improve their qb's % which should help the chang gang get their excersize.

I'm liking Red Head / Coach Miller 's decision on this one.

Defense was stellar...if Chick gets back I hope they don't lose this Williams guy in the shuffle.

Bishop played well enough to win and all things considered he played aggressively with limited playbook experience, he's certainly got the toolbox, I hope he can progress and get on page with the receivers.

Injuries continue to pile up on this team...I just don't know how long they can hang on.
If I were the Riders I would consider using Childs running out of the slot similar to Holmes. Triple threat running and take off some of the pressure on Cates.

Childs does look decent.. I for one questioned him playing slot... Make me a believer Henri!!

There was a penalty on that play anyway, was there not?

The D certainly played their best game in awhile. And with a receiving corps of Bagg, Palmer, Grant and "Dropsy" Bowman, and only 4 days of practice, I'll even cut Bishop a little slack. He made some plays with his legs and once he figures out to stop throwing the ball in Cory Grants direction, his % should go up...

So? A sick catch is a sick catch.

Hey I saw you on tv/tsn…Wasn`t that you cutting up melon and putting it on.

Also any idea why I can`t get registration completed at the big rider forum? Is the guy that activates away? I have been trying for a full week to be activated. They sent me the initial email but never activate me fully? :slight_smile:

Bowman catch no to over thrown, Bishop will do well, he makes smart calls and runs when he sees open field unlike what Crandell which would not do, Bishop has a rifle arm and the recievers will adjust to it, I still think Durant deserves the number one job but as long as the Riders are winning i wont complain, just glad they made the quick move on releasing Crandell and moving on, we all knew he could not lead this team, ET good job!

Whoa..just had to run outside and check what universe I was in....

Anyway, to follow up on the point - there were probably a half dozen plays Bishop made that MC could not.

As for his receiving %, being at the game - save for about 3 passes, it's not his accuracy - he threw it where he aimed it, more or less, it's that his receivers made different reads than he did.

The Bowman pass in the endzone was one. Grant broke one to the out rather than going upfield (and Grant was wrong on that one - he was 1-1 with no safety help - he's gotta take that deep), guys turning inside instead of to the outside (hard to tell who that's on). I think at least 6 plays where the receiver and QB made different reads - which is about par for the course on a week's learning.

Plus, considering we lost Dressler right away, and what we had left.....

The only thing that surprised me was only one little flanker screen, few it any swing passes to Cates, and very rarely did we have any safety valve sit down over the middle as a 3rd/4th read - Lapo could have given him a couple "comfort plays" where he just has to deliver tha ball.

But this upside is visible....

Personally i think bishop is better then Kerry Joseph

And you are welcome to that opinion. Why you have it on the other hand escapes me.....

What do you mean by that?

He means he is smarter than you. He is smarter than all of us. Read what he says on every thread. Different subjects. He is the smartest 1 on here.

And do you believe that Bishop is better than KJ? And can you defend that position?
People are entitled to any opinion they want. But if they have an opinion which can't be defended on any reasonable grounds, who bloody cares.....
So if you believe Bishop is better, let's hear why.....from either of you....

Bishop is better than KJ for one simple reason. He's always been a QB and wasn't a converted safety.

I hope that the coaching staff have decided to give Durant a chance to be the number 1 quarterback and not just hand the job to Bishop. Yes Bishop didn't have a full playbook to use, He did put together 55 yards on the ground but still, 107 yards in the air and a below 50% completion average is in my humble opinion not impressive for a starting quarterback.

Playing the second half of the labour day home and home series in Winnipeg is always a tough game for the Riders. The Riders cannot take a 107 yard passing attack to Winnipeg and expect to win the game. Durant has proven that he can lead this team and if he is ready to go for the game in Winnipeg I say let him play.

Bishop could end up having a stellar career playing for the Riders and if he does then all the better for this team, but for right now I think Durant should be number 1 when he returns from injury.