My thoughts on the game - august 21, 2008

Wtf was that???????? I'm sorry but this is the first time I've been pist off at the Riders all season.

10-0 woo!!!! We were getting presure on Ray, we looked great!!!!! this is fantastic!! yes!!! woo!!

Then, wam!!! we hit a brick wall, no more presure from the defense, Ray had all day! I thought Wes Cates would have a great day, 7attemtps in the first half, wow.

I know I've been a supporter of Crandell all season, this is the first time I think he really shit the bed, I can throw it further then he can!!

I thight Adirus Boman was supposed to make the NFL, (or was it Dressler? I need help was it supposed to be Boman or Dressler that was supposed to make the NFL) Maybe Boman should put glue on his hands maybe then he could catch something, Boman yor a piece of shit!!!

I'm pist off!!!!! (as I'm sure you can tell) wtf happened??? Am I dreaming???? or did the Riders just get their ass kicked!!!!?????

I didn't really expect the Riders to win this game but I expected more than a couple of players to show up. Our offense has become boring and predictable again. I hope this is only temporary due to all the new personal on offense. Cates is a dangerous weapon on offense but we have forgotten how to use him effectively. Quarterback can't throw, Receivers that can't catch. Did Washington play last night? Watching the effort on D-fence turned my stomache. The penalties were uncharacteristic of this team and a direct result of the lack of effort displayed on the field. I suspect that Coach Miller will be kicking some Rider butt on the practice field this week. I am really pist off too but tomorrow is a new day and bring on the Bombers.

The discipline on both sides of the ball was bad. Reminded me of the Barrett days.

As for the O, we're boring because we have no receivers. There were so many blown routes last night, they can't even handle the limited package they're playing with now. I'm guessing they've all but thrown out every play where there's an option route, because there's no way these guys will make the right pre-snap read.

If we have to run as vanilla as we seem to be, we may as well go get some pure athletes and let them play schoolyard ball for a few weeks until they get coached up enough to run our offence, because the guys we have now - their familiarity with the offence, such as it is, isn't any benefit.

I have to say that Adarius has been a big let down after the 1st game. I thought he was going to take the league by storm this year and be gone to the NFL next year. At this rate if he keeps this up he won't even be in the CFL next year. He needs to stop thinking and just catch the ball, he should go and hang with Andy for a while and see what he did to get over the case of the drops or his career as a football player will be over.