My thoughts on The Curse

First of all, I don't believe in curses. And yet I think it's pretty obvious that the Tiger-Cats are cursed. I could provide a hundred points of evidence without even straining my memory, and I'm not sure anyone could provide any evidence to the contrary.

What I'm interested in, is knowing when and why it happened. I've wracked my brain over this. I know it's sometime post-1999, because cursed teams don't win the Grey Cup. We still had the second-best record in the league in 2001 ... but then again we also got beat in the playoffs that year, so maybe the curse had already started. We didn't really hit rock-bottom until the 1-17 2003 season.

Thing is, I could never really think of anything the team had done to deserve this. We never had a "selling Babe Ruth" type of travesty. I could see the football gods being upset about knocking down Ivor Wynne, but that just happened recently.

Then it came to me. In 2000, we lost Calvin Tiggle and needed a replacement. And the braintrust at the time actually made a decision to make a trade with the Argos to bring in their MLB: one Mr. Michael O'Shea.

As most fans know, O'Shea is the Anti-Cat. He had no business wearing our uniform. Although he left the next year at the first opportunity, the taint remained. He had desecrated our locker room and our home team's bench.

Am I on to something here? And if so, is it possible that wiping Ivor Wynne off the map will finally cleanse the hallowed ground of all traces of O'Shea, thus finally ending The Curse? Maybe 2014 is the year we will finally be able to put the nightmare behind us.

Maybe it's the New Tiger Logo :lol:Of the Bob young Era???????

the 1-17 season was with the old logo.

No, cause that was O'Shea's 2nd term with our team.

It might be because we let Joe Montford get away to sign with the Argos for the 2002 season. :x

Mistreatment of homegrown players....Morreale and Hitchcock - how they were released, and underusing Dave Stala.

AND, Tiggle had been with the Argos. They switched teams.

Orlondo Steinauer left the tabbies after the 2000 season for the A***s.

Now that he's back, maybe the curse will be lifted.$T2eC16h,!)!E9s2fDw6KBRkbGCZELg~~60_3.JPG

Even Anakin Skywalker started out on the righteous path. But once he turned to the dark side, I'm pretty sure Obi Wan never invited over for tea.

You guys are livin in the past GET OVER IT there's thirteen games to go. The team will only get better and yes they will lose some, enjoy the football even if they lose.

This is not a curse, just a lull. In Winnipeg we have a full blown curse. 1993, Dunigan goes down with a achilles injury, we would of hammered Edmonton, but Sammy Garza loses by 10 in GC. 2001, 14-4 , class of the league, lose to Marcus Crandel and the 8-10 Stamps, one of the biggest upsets ever......not done.....2007 Charlie Roberts kept fumbling in the East final and K.Glenn breaks a arm trying to recover one of them. Again , our Defence dominated the Riders , but Ryan Dinwiddie , a raw rookie was overwelmed. At least now, we are just bad !!!!

It's the Curse of the Black Pants.
Since 1950, the Tiger Cats have a winning percentage of 51.7% while wearing gold pants.The black pants were introduced in 2003 and excluding games in which they've gone back to golds or worn the new whites, the Tabbies have a winning percentage of 29.5%.

CHUCKLE LOL.....yes they will lose SOME!!! enjoy the football even if they LOSE!!!!.......If this team has any shot at the play-offs,looking at the remaining 13 games....9 of these are crucial.Forget about beating B.C.(home/away)Calg(home/away).We still have 1 game vs Edm,3 vs Wnp,3 vs Mtl and 2 vs Tor. Wnp. and Edm. or right with us as being sadsacks,Tor. and Mtl. are mediocre at best a notch above sadsack.These 9 games are all winnable games....but not likely.At best if we can win 2 of 3 vs Wnp,2 of 3 vs Mtl. and split with Tor. the best realistically final outcome at best for this season is between 6 or 7 wins.....providing were not CURSED!! :roll: :wink:

At least in the past we won some games. All we had to do was tweak the defence from last year and we were there.

No curse at all.
Bad decisions by management which come from looking for instant solutions. "If we get this guy our problems will be over!!!"
Look where that has got us.
We got Kent Austin by sheer timing. Never mind we had George Cortez who was the "saviour" a year before. I think that if Kent Austin had not been available, Cortez would have given us a decent team this season.
However I still think, fluke in timing or not, Austin will come through eventually.

Somehow, without being specific in any way, the Cats are acting like the 1960 blew team - one their worst eras. They would bring in a group of 'name' players year after year and would look terrible accordingly (it could be counted on). Now look at our team - the shoe seems to be on the other foot.


The all black uniform is ugly, need the gold back that is for sure.

It's not a CURSE, It's Management and Ownership!!

If the Tiger-Cats were owned by a person with a football mind and not a marketing/Internet genus like Bob Young this team would have won at least two Grey Cups by now since 1999?

When you have someone who is extremely passionate about the game and winning is everything attitude it rubs off very quickly on everyone in the organization compared to an owner who walks in with a ton of money to throw at a team? It's a proven chemistry, in other teams of the NFL or CFL when see owners who get upset or are very passionate about their team, winning becomes a lifestyle and they make damn sure they hire the right management team, GM, Head Coach and so on because what's important to them, first and foremost is providing their supporting fans with a winning team on the field, I mean that's what it's all about, if the team isn't winning, the fans get disgruntled and leave and you can't blame them.

I think it's HIGH time that Mr. Young change his management philosophy with the Tiger-Cats less concentration on marketing and more on providing our fans with a winning team and product on the field, it's been too long to have to wait to see what next year will bring???>?

We are, indeed, cursed. However, nobody on here has pointed out why or what the curse is.

It's the Sudsy curse!

Ever see the movie "Major League"?