My Thoughts on the 2006 Season!

So another season is over. It may have been another horrendous season, but I still feel a little sad that there'll be no more Tiger-Cats games this season. Win or Lose... I love watching my 'Cats.

Here are some of my thoughts on the season that was...

  • WE NEED A KICKER! I keep hearing that Jamie is a nice guy, etc... That's fine and dandy... but this is a football team and we need someone that we can rely on. He's cost us too many games. I don't care if he's a nice guy. This is a business and because of his weak leg we have to pay TWO guys to do the job that ONE guy used to do.

  • I think Tay Cody is going to be a great player for many years.

  • I'm still not sold on Jesse Lumsden. I think he still has to earn some of the praise he's been getting. Weak O-line, no blocking, etc... there's always and excuse for him. Lets see him do something throughout an entire season.

  • If Maas doesn't find an arm... we're doomed for 2007 as well. Oddly though... I have some faith that he'll turn it around and put 2006 behind him. If not... send his butt to the Arena League! lol

  • Argos S_ck.

  • Send Kevin Eakin packing.

  • Keep Richie Williams as a third stringer. He's got the tools so MAYBE someone can teach him how to use them properly. He's young so he might have a career ahead of him. I think he can make a good backup one day. Just not right now.

  • I still think Bob Young saved the 'Cats and deserves all of our praise! I'd rather have a 4-14 team than no team at all. Thank you Bob.


Wow, i actually agree with every point you made.

Good post Rusty... very well said.

The only thing i would add is....

  • Get rid of Radlein, the guy just cant get the job done. You cant give him the ball because he either falls or fumbles, and his blocking has become suspect.