My thoughts on Calgary game

  1. We did not play like we were at home
  2. We were out worked , out prepared and out played in all aspects of the game
  3. We cannot stop the run and we likely need to pick up a veteran Dlineman like Anwar stewart to add soem veterean presence and savy maybe AlS castoff HUNT as well in tghe middle .
    4 . I cant stand the TSN coverage . It always takes them more than a quarter to realize a prominant player is injured like Fantuz ..that is BUSH league .
  4. Burris is so hot and cold ...
    6 i think it is now proven we need to dress a pouning back like Colburne for those tough yards and use Chevon more for screens and draws etc ..not the tough yards .
    7 We still do npt have enough pass rush and we are way to easily tricked through out the defence
    It seemed all they had to do is get a lineamn out and block jamal and nobody else was helping as the DE was getting suckered on fakes and so was rey williams ...
    8 stala seems so out of synch with burris ..not sur ewho is to blame there
    9 giguere has still not done much as he can kock a guy down but rarely runs past them. he dropped mre than a few passes right in his mitts inlcuding this game .
    10 i hope knowlton will be back next week
    11 seemd our DT'S WERE non existant tonight
    12 we are way to easily outsmarted on defence ..something has to be done maybe adding a vet or two
    13 how does bo smith and peach both get slaughterd by travis moore our defence that non observant ?
    14 when travis moorse does this how come a rey williams or jamal get him good back
    15 still think we do not utilize guigurre enough
    16 we need to odd direct snap to walker or reverse to giguree or williams
    17 chris qwilliams had a n off game and our overall specialty teams gor beaten
    this is the 2knd home game we last that we should not be losing ..calgary is not that great and nor is their running back in cornish ..our biggest issue is handling the running game followed by lack of pass rush

our db's have covered well

Great points :thup: In my opinion our #1 problem is SACKS and our front four is a joke :thdn: let's hope that after the NFL cuts Obie makes the call and gets that new Hickman or maybe Hicky comes back?

Other teams easily find the talented players and have no difficulty signing them to a contract. Waiting for an NFL airlift of cuts is a day late and a dollar short. The talented players should have been in camp from the start. This team frustartes me to no end. It's the square peg in the round hole thing year after year. After labour day weekend the Cats will be 3 and 6 you can bet on it.

I think that is a bit harsh . This team will play better abnd do play well against the argos on labor day and do play well against montreal . i think they could win 2 out of 3 of these games . My guess is they go 2 and 1 providing Fantuz and knowlten are ready to go

This team is just an image of teams of the past. Sometimes great offense, sometimes mediocre offense, sometimes they play hard, sometimes they take it easy. However, Year in Year out they do not have a good defensive team. Coverages are weak, tackling is poor, the defensive line does not pressure the QB's enough. Been that way since Obie has been around and filling up with ex BC players. Time to get a GM who is modern, innovative and can actually find talent.