My thoughts of a dismal game...


Alright, now at first after hearing that Tee Martin was going to start the just played home game against the Eskies I was kinda pumped because Martin was supposed to be good. Everyone spoke highly of him and made him seem like a savior, but after this game, thinking that the game in Saskatchewan was a fluke, this game woke me up……THE BLUE BOMBERS SUCK….I didn’t want to think it at first but it’s true and I’ll give you some reasons why. (I am still a Bomber fan through and through, but I can’t stand what they’ve become, even if they are in construction.)

First of all watching the offense play hurts my eyes so very badly, the quarterbacks don’t know how to throw the ball and the receivers either can’t get open or don’t hustle their way and run their route. Now that’s not the only problem because then there’s the other fact of the shotty offensive line that makes me wanna puke. They can’t hold back the opposing team’s defensive line and when they are supposed to create a line for Charles Roberts the line crumbles and becomes an instant tomb for him. Now the play calling seems not to be the problem, it seems to be more of laziness and awful playing. They are supposed to be professionals, but after looking at them they look more like the junior varsity high school football team. Though some stepped up and did their job correctly like Joe Flemming, Jamie Stoddard and Charles Roberts.

Next are the problems of the defense, but thankfully there were fewer problems in this area. The defensive line is solid with Doug Brown and Tom Canada on the ends; they put good pressure on Ricky Ray taking him down a couple of times. But they can only do so much, the secondary needs to be on their toes to, but obviously they would rather sit in the park playing with the dandelions. They left the receivers wide open and seemed to respect the former Grey Cup team a little more than they should have. They were left wide open for most of the time, allowing Hervey and others to begin a slaughter against the bombers. One of the only men that I can give props to would be Wes Lysack who did his job in playing safety. Way to go Wes, maybe you can explain to the rest of the secondary what their job is and how to do it. They may mostly be rookies but I think that after the whooping that they took from the Riders that they would learn to be better and not worse.

The game wasn’t all just falling apart for the Blue Bombers, their special teams assignments were well executed by the players. Especially a man by the name of Boyd Barrett who ran right though the return teams blockers and by the time that the kick returner could look up after catching the ball, Barrett was right there in his face ready to try to tackle him. If there is anyone on the team that day that deserved to be the BOMBER star of the game it would have to be him.

Next would have to be the serious lack of coaching by Jim Daley. He stands quietly and idly by while the bombers get picked apart, he’s probably wondering if Dave Richey needs an assistant down in BC. In the post game on CJOB he constantly said what he has said for the last couple of weeks that they are rebuilding the team and it’s not going to come easy. But doesn’t rebuilding usually incorporate a tiny bit of improvement? I saw nothing more than a ravaging animal, which was played by the Eskimos rip apart, chew and spit out a little piece of meat that was the bombers. Daley needs to step up and take major charge of the team, start voicing how he feels, if he’s angry yell, he’s got to get his point across and psyche up the team. I thought that even though his coaching job for the Riders would prove evident and that he could take us to the show again (for the team). But I think that even after two games and going 0-2 in those games, maybe something’s not going right in the “directional� area if you see what I mean.

Lastly late in the game Davis Sanchez nailed Milt Stegall a bit pre-maturely and knocking him in the back of the head. Stegall hit the turf face down and didn’t move until the trainers proceeded to run out to see what was wrong. From what happened I would think that he has a concussion. But Sanchez nailing Stegall before he even had the ball kinda peeves me a bit, and what’s even worse is that they didn’t even call the penalty. Maybe it’s just me, but there were about 22, 000 people in the stands that saw the call yet not even one of the officials on the field saw it. They even played it for maybe 5-6 times while Stegall was lying on the turf. I don’t understand that even with all of those officials out there they still can’t call the right penalties and see obvious infractions out on the field. The sooner that they bring video revues into the league the better, for example, well that exact play of Sanchez nailing Stegall, but also all the times that Patrick Kabongo was holding and the infractions were never called.

Again this is just my call and I don’t mean to offend anyone who thinks differently and please don’t attack me for thinking differently either.

Thank you.

Well, I have to agree with you on every point except the Sanchez hit.

Winnipeg has a killer D-line, and their special teams were very good in that game. The defense actually played pretty solid, for the most part.

I think the offense was absolutely horrible, though. And not just the quarterback - there were dropped passes, crappy blocking, and little or no intensity from anywhere. The Esk defense came to play and it showed. I think it will be a frustrating year to be a bomber fan.

Onto the Sanchez hit - he hit Stegall at almost the exact same time as the ball arrived. In slo-mo it looks like he was about half a step ahead of the ball arriving, but let’s be honest here… that type of play by a defensive back happens at least half a dozen times each game. The difference is, 99% of the time, the receiver jumps up onto his feet and walks off the hit. Stegall has been hit in such a manner before. The difference is when Sanchez hit him tonight, Stegall’s head bounced off the turf and knocked him goofy. If that hadn’t have happened and Stegall got right up after the hit, nobody would have said a thing and it wouldn’t even be remembered at this point - just like every other time this happens in a football game. Objectively, I think it was a clean hit and a good no-call from teh officials.

Unfortunately injuries happen, but fortunately it looks as if Stegall will be okay.

Thats a pretty accurate description of a terrible game. The recievers have got to run better routes, and Daley needs to through in some different packages to confuse opposition secondaries. He needs to try a 6 pack on 2nd down every now and then, or maybe go into the 2 TE formation or trips bunch just to give the defense different looks. These recievers should have the talent to do it. I don’t need to say anything about the O-line, its obvious, that needs to improve. I don’t care if Glenn, Martin, or Joe Montana is our quarterback, with out security in the pocket, they’re going to struggle. Although Martin threw some terrible passes and was heavy on the ball all night long. That offense has to go deep too, stretch out the DBs, get them off that bump and run. The defense played a much better game, although Lysack missed a few plays and let those 2 long plays for touchdowns go by. Justin Coleman was hitting hard, but was caught sleeping a few times. And the D-line had good pressure all game long, credit to them. As far as replays and penalties go, it wouldn’t change anything, because you can’t challenge a penalty. Thats just the way the game goes, sometimes the refs call them, sometimes they dont. But when there’s a minute left in a game that Edmonton has already locked up, you don’t drill the opposing teams star reciever in the back of the head. Hello? Intent to injure? C’mon now, thats dirty and disgraceful. Its not competitive football, its blatantly trying to hurt someone. This team needs a lot of work though, and I think it needs to start on that O-line. One last note. Why isn’t Vinny Sutherland playing instead of Scott Cloman? And why hasn’t Stoddard gotten a starting spot yet? Can anybody give me a straight answer on that one?

Well Wicker you see, the fact is that in the 3rd quarter they pulled Cloman and played Stoddard who caught more passes than Cloman did all night, which was 1 I think that can’t totally remember. Cloman constantly drops the ball, and it seems morely when it counts. We can’t afford to play Cloman, we need Stoddard to take over that position he’s got what it takes and he’s proven it year after year, I just don’t know why Daley doesn’t see it… :evil:

Not to mention Stoddard is a Canadian. He has so much upside and has been working for years to earn a starting spot in the recieving corps. I think its time he got it. I didn’t even notice he pulled Cloman in the 3rd quarter. Tough to see who’s who from the North Endzone and with my crappy eyes… I’m just hoping that Cloman finds a permanant spot on the bench. I’m not too impressed with McGarity so far either… But Kamau Peterson seems to be showing more promise after such a terrible season last year.

I’m ready to throe in the towel. Good luck the rest of the way BB’s… we’re going to need it. Brendan Taman, you’re losing your job.

Come on Daly, or Taman, or whoever is running this three ring circus, its time for Michna, Sutherland, Stoddard and how about Bobo and Bell. Enough of the rebuilding b.s. its time to play the players who can produce NOW and not next season. 0 - 2 is not so bad yet, heck even BC was 0 - 4 to start last season but there has to be signs of improvement. The offense has no pulse, the oline and secondary are suspect. The mistakes being made are fundamental errors which should not be made by professional atheletes, time to change some personel before the Stamps come to town. I hate to see the crowd reaction at the stadium if we are subjected to more of the same schlop as last night.

The truth is unless the mangmnt knows wtf they’re doing, we’re heading south this year. They need to make all the changes you mentioned, yet I have doubts that’ll happen if we catch the drift they’re taking.

I am prepared to be patient with them BigO, as long as there are sings of improvement from week to week, but it seems to me that all we are seeing is management trying to patch holes in the fabric from one outing to next. They patch up the special teams one week and we get a blow out in the secondary the next. At some point you are going to run out of glue and then what do you tell the fans, sorry no more glue left.

The fact that Stegall got hurt doesn’t make it a penalty. The fact that he got hit before he touched the ball clearly makes it a penalty. CFL officiating just has to get better … and fast.

Exactly. I feel I wanted to make a thread, about Sask fans giving us a heads up… on our head coach. I think the guy doesn’t lack vision or coaching smarts, but the intensity just isn’t enough to get a performance worth.

He’s not, the fact is that the guy is quiet and does nothing to wake the guys up. He prefers to not get angry or pumped when something happens, but doesn’t football fans and the players get their engergy from basically just getting loud and riled up? At the game yesterday the only time that I got exited was when I was booing the officials, booing Sanchez and finally yelling the name “Michna”. Since those were all negative things I would guess that they have a long way to go to make things positive again.

Whatever. Michna or Khari Jones. We need a starting QB. AND most changes that may or may not happen.


Although statistically the defense got ripped apart, I actually thought they played half decently. They gave their team a chance to win the game and that’s all you could ever ask from such an inexperienced group. Special teams was definitely a lot better then what we saw last week. Offensively there are problems out the ying yang. As I mentioned on a previous post, I don’t think it matters who they have back there right now, it would be moot due to their positively horrid offensive line. Yeah some of their receivers haven’t shown the greatest intensity but I mean, they need time to get a little separation from the DB. The O line just isn’t giving them time to set up. It’s too bad Taman won’t take Bobo back and to add to that fact, Feugill’s exit certainley doesn’t help things. Those two guys could’ve definitely helped out this paltry group. At any rate, I completely agree with the Stoddard/Cloman comments. Cloman is horrible. Stoddard is a work horse and in my opinion, there isn’t an excuse out there right now good enough to keep him out of the line up.

am I imaging it or is Daley just unimaginative …shows no emotion…and is incredibly blind…where was some frustration shown on the hit by Sanchez on Stegal…jump up and down …do something to show you actually didn’t like what was going on and that there was no call…that was just crap. Re-building should start with caring about your players No. 1…and if you do , SHOW it for cripes sake…this is the worst case of non-support I’ve seen so far this year…Somebody (COACHES AND PLAYERS) on the BOMBER bench better start showing they actually care to be in a game soon, AND THEN START WORKING ON THE FUNDAMENTALS…or this could be one helluva long year. :x

I totally agree with that, but you should add the fact that Daley should stop using the excuse that they are rebuilding for the teams losses.

Yeah, I don’t like the fact that Daley has this attitude tacitly promoting the idea that this year was a write off before it even started. That whole coaching situation almost reminded me of some hypothetical scenario where a guy has been working at the same place for years and years, decides he wants to retire, but the firm can’t find a suitable replacement so he reluctantly agrees to stick around awhile longer. Personally I think Daley’s discouraged at the fact that Taman didn’t give him a whole heck of a lot to work with, which is too bad because his some-what of a defeatist, complacent attitude may start rubbing off on his players. I mean I agree with zoola, in that whenever they show Daley on the sidelines he always looks like his mother just died. It makes me miss the days of that fiery old blowhard Ritchie. At any rate, I think there’s going to be big changes in Bomberville next season. As for this season, hopefully he sticks his nose in there a little more and lights a fire under some of these guys’ arses. I was impressed with the special teams and the defense at times last game, but he’s got to get his O linemen on the go, otherwise you can kiss any chance at winning a game goodbye. Just one more thing, does anybody else notice that Daley seems to go along with what the people interviewing him suggest? He says he prides himself on his honesty, but it seems to me that he’s always trying to keep everybody happy and he tries painfully hard to be politically correct and sugar coat everything. Like others have said, get mean and stick to your guns Daley.

Thats deep brew and you hit the nail right on the head, nough said.

Watching the BB’s is like imitiating that “crushing your head” character from Kids in the Hall.