My Thoughts from Rogers Centre

First off i still say that Toronto puts on a really good show for their fans and theres no reason not to go to an Argo game if you live in Toronto.

Having said that there was just over 21k as the announced attendance. They were quite loud when Ricky Williams came in.

Im sure you'll see on the highlights that Wayne Shaw and Renard Cox did well to string him out to the wide field and out of bounds, it looked like Ricky was trying to use his speed on the wide field to his advantage, didnt work tonight. Cheatwood and Belli took care of his other two carries.

We havfe some tough decisions to make on this team. 4 quality QB's tonight... im sure those in attendance would agree that Maas did indeed look good in his time in the game, looked in control and knew what he was doing. Eakin looked great aswell, he looks for that longball alot but sometimes that helps, Maas looks more for the underneath game.

PLAYS of the night...

  • Bobby Brooks INT of a screen pass early on.

  • Craig Yeast in double coverage taking a hit and making a nice catch.

  • Terry Vaughn's TD was simply awesome. The
    guy bounced off of 3 Argos to score and made a nice catch in traffic to start the play.

  • Fake FG was nice, Boreham made a nice block and Fleming got hammered by Stokes.

  • Mike Morreale's TD at the end was with 3 defenders ALL OVER HIM and the pass interfearance called, it was a jump ball and MM went up and got it. Simply a great play.

PLAYERS that stood out

  • Talmon Gardner
  • Corey Holmes
  • Willie Quinnie
  • Ray Mariuz
  • Renard Cox
  • Pat Fleming

Thats basically it. Theres guys that could probably be called out but what fun is that after a win like this one?

There were still some balls dropped, some blocks missed, and a couple wide kicks that would be seen as fairly routine.

The team played well but im sure the coaches will say that theres work to be done. Its a great start to the preseason and shows that perhaps the hard work at camp could pay off for this team and its coaches.

Oh and I forgot...

Players With More Rushing Yards Than RICKY WILLIAMS



Im sorry, i had to :lol:

thanks for the great post and fun postscript...i'd add at least a few names to your list of standouts: anthony davis at rb really hits holes and defender antonio thomas really hit

I think that's a pretty good assessment,Crash.

Much as I hate to admit it, they do put on a good show and I really like the way they let the players introduce themselves on the jumbotron. Sound system wasn't the best though.

As for the standout players, Mariuz is an animal. He was all over the place. I think he made a HUGE difference on ST coverage.

Renard Cox was also all over the place. You could really tell he was there to play. Shaw made an absolutely fantastic hit. Craig Yeast really went up for that ball and took the hit for it.

Brooks looked great out there that pick was beautiful I wish he could have taken it all the way.

Fleming had some very impressive punts, a few not so great but overall he did really well.

The QB's were all great I think Eakin really showed something there. And Ian Fleming make some great catches.

And last but certainly not least, WHAT A CATCH, Mike battled triple coverage and pass interference to catch that TD.

I was really impressed with ST's coverage of the Argo punt return. I don't recall shutting them down with so few returned yards last year.

Did anyone else find the Thiessman spot a little classless? I personally was a little disgusted.

ST coverage was unbelievable they got less yards in one game than they probably would have in the first half last season. Yeah the ad was quite juvenile as was the ad with the ticat fan being hit with the ball I thought that fit in nicely with the stop the violence campaign :roll:

Well, some will say "he started it". I'd have taken the route of just leaving it alone - it's the kind of thing that will go away if you ignore it. But whatever; I don't think "class" was really an issue, just whether or not it was a good idea in the broad strokes.

LOL... I'm glad to see Ricky do SO WELL in his first CFL game. By the end of the year NFL Groupies will realize the only difference between NFL and CFL is Money. (and rules)

:o BG do you mean that clip wasn't real...I thought that they had just filmed your average Ticat fan walking down the street and oske-wee-wee just comes out every once in awhile. :P

did the dome look nice with all the renovations ive read about?

I definitely agree S26Chick.

The Argos showed no class at all regarding

the emotional remark that Joe made
in the heat of a moment about drugs

a topic he has personal, family reasons
for feeling extremely strongly about.

They deliberately set out to mock
their former stars, Joe Theisman,
by making a video for their Jumbotron.

Not that David Cynamon, an Argo owner
and now Keith Pelley, Argo President

are any better at restraining themselves
from making emotional remarks in the press.

Witness the "computer salesman" remark
about our beloved owner, caretaker, bob.

and the threat to not dress Ricky Williams
at our pre-season game with them at I.W.S.
to negatively impact our gate receipts.

I wassnt down there last night but ive been there for blue jay games and it looks really nice.

No No No DoubleBlue

That clip was a training film.

It shows how to stop an unsuspecting victim in
his tracks by aiming any handy object
at the most vulnerable spot of his anatomy.

Not exactly suitable for family viewing
but what do you expect from the Argos?

good stuff. thanks for the info.

all the stuff im readying makes it sound like they are tryin to make the place look new again....they got a new store ( much like the stores in the A.C.C. ) and luxury suites and stuff....i cant wait to see it for myself on june 17th.

How can you be offended by something so tame?
Surely you remember the old "what's that hissing sound?" ads they used to run on the jumbotron, or the Winnipeg ads making fun of Pinballs speech patterns?
This new stuff is mild and one would have to be either seeing them for the first time or extremely sensitive to be offended in any way.
It's been happening for years and most fans have long since gotten used to it.

I listened to the entire game on comes in better in Northwest Mississauga than 900.

They were shocked by the Argos poor performance, but at the same time gave us a lot of credit. It was nice to hear from the Toronto media.

Every unit seemed to be clicking pretty good last night. I was concerned about the Defence heading into this season, but I thihk that we have a lot of good new personnel to choose from and some difficult cuts will have to be made. I think the special teams will be vastly improved too! We already know the offence should be a force this season.

It's only the first game of the pre-season, but '06 is looking a lot brighter.

Oskee Wee Wee!

And most fans are adults too, canucklehead but not all.

The smarter teams in the CFL realize
that it makes business sense today
to reach out to the family market.

There are many more young children
in attendance at CFL games now.

In my opinion, the Argos would be smarter
to stop showing video clips that may offend
the family portion of their paying public.

Oh the children.

Don't be near an exit
when the next video airs

lest ye be trampled
by the hoardes

of screaming children
whos senses have been

offended by the evil empire.

I sat with a family of five, two parents and three children all under 16, and none were even remotely offended, in fact the Mother even commented that it was similiar to an Americas funniest home video segment.

The instigating pieces the Argos run on the jumbotron, are designed to appeal to Argo fans...and they do, you dont really think they care if the anti-christ of enjoyment Ronfromtigertown doesn't like them do you?
It's a good natured part of a long standing rivalry and it's getting sad to see people with self proclaimed higher standards trying to ruin what most see as good clean fun.
Lighten up.

[i]fun ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fn)
A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
Enjoyment; amusement: have fun at the beach.
Playful, often noisy, activity.
intr.v. Informal funned, fun·ning, funs
To behave playfully; joke.
adj. Informal
Enjoyable; amusing: “You're a real fun guy? (Margaret Truman).
for/in fun
As a joke; playfully.

[Possibly from fon, to make a fool of, from Middle English fonnen, to fool, possibly from fonne, fool.][/i]

I've learned....
That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.

Super Bowl Advertising Don'ts

  1. Don't be tasteless.

Sure, provocative ads that show skin or bend to bathroom humor get media attention, but no advertiser or brand wants to be remembered just because you did something sophomoric.

click here

Earth to Ron...come in must have really gotten you in a tizzy when they refered to Cat fans as toothless knuckle draggers....remember?

Somehow you've jumped from a clip shown only in the rogers center and designed to poke fun at Ti-cat fans to TV ads that run during the superbowl and are directed at millions.

I'd need a week in a tent burning blunts with Ricky to even remotely follow your line of thinking.

ps: the manic depressive society called and they want their personality back.