My thoughts...for what there worth.

First, I'd have to say I was disappointed last night. But only because we lost. I was certainly not disappointed by the way the team played (for the most part). Apart from a missed field goal (of which I'm not blaming Setta as the wind out here was extreme) and the two cases of brain farts my Armstead and Williams, we had that game.

And while in my heart I believed that Bolden did make that interception, I also was shocked that it could be overturned based on the poor camera angles provided by CBC. My first reaction on that play was to believe that the line judge that was standing alongside with a clear view of the play must have seen something for him to call it incomplete.

But no sense crying over spilt milk. A special Kudos to the defense and special teams. That was an awesome display of pressure on both Glenn and Westwood. Great to see them step it up.

One question....I've liked Dwight Andersons play for the most part through this season. He's made some great hits and of course that timely interception in last weeks game. So why did Winnipeg continue to throw in his area. I wouldn't have considered him as our weak link in the secondary.

Anderson is an inconsistant back..he is only in the right place half the time it seems..he seems to misjudge his coverage. There were a few times in the game where I saw the bombers receivers totally out-class Anderson.

He came through with that clutch interception last week, he did well against the bombers but I have noticed that he has had alot of trouble for most of the season keeping up coverage on receivers leading to a lot of potential pass interference calls which he luckily gets away with.

He is new a little more work he will a very good DB.

It is hard to criticize the defence after that effort, but I am also curious to know why the Blue Bombers' game plan involved testing Dwight Anderson at CB . . . while I don't consider Anderson to be a "shut down" corner in the same class as David Shaw, Les Browne, Lewis Porter or even Lance Shields, he is far superior to Lawrence Gordon. I can't believe that Gordon is still on the roster.

Despite the obvious defensive improvements over the last 2 games, I still think that Gordon needs to be replaced with a CB that will force more throws in Anderson's direction, I think that Tay Cody needs to move back to his old defensive HB position because Roberts still looks lost out there, and please find us a non-import who can play Free Safety . . . please !!![/i]

We have one, Sandy Beveridge. I don't now why he doesn't play more, he's a good contributor.

Tay is getting Better at the FS Spot.
We have to give the Rest of the season .
we have nothing to lose .

Agreed. there was a time when I tought he'd be much more efffective as a DB or CB, but it seems as if he's learning the safety spot. You can see on the replay of his pick how he broke for the ball before it was thrown. A nice read.

I also noticed how well the secondary looked when we finally had an effective pass rush. Thank goodness for Keith!

We should be proud of the effort by the Cats. We outplayed the top team in the East, the Bombers fans were really worried.
We were really screwed by the wind - Setta's missed FG, the ball fluttering to the ground with 40 seconds left and a wide open receiver that could've walked into the end zone!!

Can we redirect this thread back to Wallace's original question??

What was it about Hamilton's defensive scheme that caused Winnipeg to throw to Anderson's side as opposed to Gordon's side ??

I recorded the game, and I haven't gone back to review this yet, but 2 possible answers could be:

a. Hamilton was providing Gordon with underneath help from a LB, or FS support on deep coverage thereby allowing Gordon to compensate in the area where he wasn't getting the help; or
b. Perhaps Anderson was isolated on Armstrong for most of the game??; or
c. some other explanation??

option B