My thought at QB..yes another one

I am still a Maas fan..he is able to move the ball, pick out the receiver,he is throwing the ball much better lately,he is hard nosed runner(no sliding)..
but what happens when he gets to red zone???..I think its all in his head..he needs to calm down..relax in the pocket...(or maybe just give it too Jess')

so here is my thought...start Chang,give him playing time,if he can't move and score,bring in Maas..I think Maas will be more effective and relaxed coming in...and at the same time it gives Chang some valuable CFL experiance.....just a thought

this has probably been mentioned,but I don't read every post..GO CATS GO

Lost me after HMMMM. what were you saying?

ex Argo Fans! :roll: :lol:
simple...Start Chang..
Maas is probably better coming in as a backup..less pressure on him.

Exactly, when in the red zone, why not hand the ball to Lumsden or Holmes and let them punch it in?