My Take on who will be cut

hey y'all cuts have to be announced tonight before midnight. I dont know about the rest of you, but im anxious to know who is staying and who is going home. I think we have to cut down 12-16 players and its gonna be a monster of a task for Marshall and the staff. Id like to hear from everyone who they think will be cut and why. I ahve my own opinions

Giles Lezi- got injured last night. Radlien is just too good and Aidoo is a proven back up. Later Lezi.

Tad Kornegay and Maha Atogwe- shame, but it looks like these two DBs are gone. With all the other talent in Martin, Goss, Bradely, babers, Justin, Shaw and Beveride, i doubt these guys will stick around much longer.

Richie William - i think hes gone. He looked lost last night and didnt fair too well anyway. Josten's pass at the rogerscentre to Morreale is still fresh in my mind and i think they will keep Josten over Williams.

Willie Quinne, DaVon Fowlkes and Kwame Cavil- With all the compeition at receviever and the over abundance of american recievers, i think these boys are on the way out. We dont really need Fowlkes to return no more cuz we have the best returner in the league in Corey Holmes. Bye Gentlemen

I'm sorry i didn't listen to the game last night due to a lose in one of my friends famly but i can't say who will go or who will stay and i kinda want to know what torrance marshall did last night if any body can tell me that. No this is not that someone i'm her best friend Kya and she just asked me to find out that's all.. good luck to whom ever..

Barrenechea said

Richie William - i think hes gone. He looked lost last night and didnt fair too well anyway. Josten's pass at the rogerscentre to Morreale is still fresh in my mind and i think they will keep Josten over Williams.
I am not sure about the other players you think will be cut but I disagree with you on Richie Williams. I don't think he is going anywhere which I think is why he got some game action last night and Josten didn't get anything. I could be wrong though and maybe they will give the 3rd spot to Josten I just don't see that one happening

Third string QB only holds the clipboard, whether it's Josten or Williams, who cares?

We to need to find a way to keep Brooks, which leaves a big question of who to cut at linebacker. I see Auggie moving outside and Hitch and Mariuz fighting for the other linebacker spot, both players are good on special teams so they could share the LB spot. I hate to say it but that leaves Cox out of the picture.

At receiver we will have to cut some very good players who will end up with other teams, Gardner is a keeper, Vaughan, Flick and Ralph are here to stay. Peterson, Cavill and Yeast could be on the bubble

im gunna disagree with the release of cavil and kornegay.


Under league rules does a player placed on the reserve list and/or pratice roster have to clear waivers first?

Anyone know? We could lose some great talent if they have to be put up for anyone to grab.

We are going to lose great talent regardless... The team has done an excellent job in scouting this year.

in my opinion Tad Kornegay is a sure release...he consistently got beat deep and has shown no improvement from last season, too many better players than him to keep, sorry Tad it just didnt work out this time. Also i think that Damion Cook should be released as well because he had 2 or 3 procedure penalties called against him and just wasnt holding his own at offensive line. Jamal Powell looked like he was seriously injured and if it is serious then he may be given his walking papers as well. these guys from what I saw could be released based on this game...but then again this is just me, it will be interesting to see who all is released and see if i was right. 8)

As long as they don't release Barrenechea, I'm fine. :smiley:

I don't see ANY chance of Augie being let go. He may not be in the middle all the time, but he's way too valuable to be cut.

powell and cheron will be placed on IR and won’t be cut.

So will Beverage and anyone else with “injuries” haha

Fowlkes ’ kick returns last night were strong,his recieving was strong,he sticks to the team one way or another in my view…

Richie Williams sticks around as well…

Tough calls… :expressionless:

I personally think Willie Quinne will stay for kick returner he is a strong reciever and last night I really noticed how well he explodes out of his cuts and that is exceptional for a young receviever and made four players miss on his only return last night and I think he has amazing potential.

 As for linebacker Brooks and Armour looked really strong and I think Hitchcock should play his natural position in safety sorry Gordon but your a victum of an over stacked defencive lineup.

This is a tough day for both the football coaches and football ops guys (Ron L, Craig Smith, Mike McCarthy and Rob Katz) who have to make the decisions, and for the players who have worked so hard to make the team but for whom we just won't have a roster spot.

On the other hand it is a very interesting day for us fans. I always pull for the old guys (being an old guy myself), so I'm hoping Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock are back for another year!

I have been saying all along that while having so much depth can be good it makes extra tough when it comes to this day and I am glad that I am not in the position of the coaches and football ops guys who have to make these decisions. Have no fear that they will make the right decisions but they won't be easy ones.

Way...way off. Look for Williams over Josten, Quinne/Fowlkes over Garnder, Kornegay/Atogwe aren't going anywhere. D-line is gonna be tough for backups, look for Walker over Josue and Fatafehi to stick around as well. Look for Cavil and Morreale to back up with Quinne as spot duty should any of Flick, Ralph, Vaughn or Peterson miss a step. I don't see Yeast playing here much longer.

you forgot the sarcasm emoticon, right?

I forgot about Yeast...did he even dress last night? It dont matter anyway tho, give him the boto!

Believe it or not he started last night.