My take on the Mtl Wpg game!

Wow. Leave for a few days and look what happens!!!!
There are so many threads on Sat’s game that I am going to put
all my responses into one thread.

  1. I think the refs blew 2 video calls in that game. The first
    one was definitely a reception and the second was an interception!
    In the fist photo you can see that Watkins has control of the ball.

In the second photo I still say that it was an interception by Hebert
but if you look closely you can see that Watkins has two hands on the
ball while Hebert only has one so maybe the ref was looking at that or
maybe he realised the error of the first call and decided to give one back,
after hearing Sean Millington's opinion…who knows. Not that I agree with

Now, about the rule that states you cannot challenge a play in the
final 3 minutes of the game, It does not specifically say this but
I am looking at the possibility it refers to a play that STARTS after
the 3 minute warning and not one that ends with less than 3 minutes
to go. BTW it is the final 3 minutes of the game and not each half

In the last 3 minutes of the second half, and in overtime, the Replay
Official in the League Supervisor’s booth will initiate all Instant
Replay Reviews.

  1. There were a few mentions about a bad offensive pass
    interference call against Winnipeg (the one that Berry feels is impossible)!
    In the first photo you can clearly see Stegal interferes with Karikari
    which allows Bearman to come inside and make the reception.. It was
    a good call!

Montreal has been called dirty quite a few times in Saturdays posts but
did anybody notice this? While Watkins is wrestling with Hebert for
the ball on the interceprion, Carter walks up and calmly grabs Watkins b
y the face mask and gives it quite a shake!!! I would say that that was
deliberate and dirty wouldn’t you?

  1. In two straight weeks now I keep hearing that the Don pays off
    the refs(Winfans) and how the calls always go in favour of the
    Als(Hamilton fans last week) Well! I think he should get his money
    back because Montreal is the most penalized team in the CFL…………AGAIN!

  2. On the hit agaist Quinn! Everyone is saying it was a dirty hit
    and an attempt to injure put if you can see that his helmet does not appear
    to hit Quinns’ chin. He actually hit hit him on the shoulder with his. Helmet!
    If he has a concussion it is from him head hitting the ground.

Lets have another look at that classy move from the Winnipeg bench!

ro1313, would you post that last pick without the black spot?

I still say it wasn't THE finger, I saw it w/o the stop, and it didn't look anything like the finger at all, like his finger to the left of the middle one. If it was THE finger, don't you think CBC would have blocked that?

It was bloody live TV. I doubt they would've censored that since they normally don't have 5-second buffers for the CFL. Don Cherry's rants, maybe, but not the CFL.

I also feel (don't quite want) that the officials should have control of the reply in the last three minutes of each halve, not just the last minutes of the game and OT, but that's just me.

Great work, RO. You read my mind on those points. I was definitely going to mention a couple of them in my column this week. I can’t help but feel all this noise about horrible officiating is just an echo of the CBC’s panel’s reflex opinions, or gut reactions without the benefit of video playback.

feel free to use the screen caps!!!!!!

i dont like the finger move, but i have no problem with it and it was justified in this case! now let's all give it up and move on!

btw - if u really think that any fans seriously think that don pays off a ref, either ur an idiot for believing it, and the posters are idiots for writing it! and i'm a wpg fan! as for some of the other points, like carter's face mask "shake", again, if it happened, it sud've been a penalty - not our fault the refs did see and/or call it!

calvillo was whining bout the late hits early in the season, and maybe rightly so. early in the season, they were calling late hits for "blowing on a qb", now all that seems ot be throw out the window. even calvillo took some borderline hits which would've been called earlier in the season - where's the consistency???

oh, another thing, even u said that the hit on quinn was helmet to shoulder, just under the chin strap, but isn't leading with the helmet illegal?

I dont think that anyone believes it. The point is that after last week against Hamilton and this week Posters are saying that Montreal gets all the breaks. Being the most penalized team says otherwise

Thank you ro.....I agreed with everything you said except
the hit.

You cant see his helmut because its under Quinns chin, but you
can see that Quinns head is already moving backwards. Initial contact

They actually got the missed touchdown right also, as it was initially
called incomplete and you couldnt get a video of when he and the ball
hit the ground. It was pretty obvious the initial call was wrong but
inconclusive (because you couldnt see if the ball hits the ground) it
had to be ruled no catch.

Im sure youd agree if that hit was on Calvillo youd be p. off.

good teams make their own breaks and mtl is a good team - say wot u will, but they always find a way to win. do i like it, hell no, especailly against the bombers, but i'll give credit where it's due. i think coaching was also a big factor in this one and don won the duel! the bombers haven't "learnt" how to win yet on a consistent basis, but i think this was a good lesson for them to learn early in the season - let's hope they actually learnt something! ..... and get some o linemen quick!!!

I must admit that it is very hard to tell from a still photo but I had to click frame by frame so many time to get the best screen shot! I am not convinced that he did not hit the chin but there is a possibility

Either way really appreciate these pictures.


Although I disagree with alot of your points that was a very cool breakdown.

Thats not a finger thats a soggy french fry..and he was demonstrating he wants fries instead of a baked potatoe :slight_smile:

Seems most of the rant by Winnipeg fans have to do repeating what the commentators say which in many cases is wrong. Like telling people on Friday that Hamilton did a great job picking up Ranek in the dispersal draft...

Winnipeg was outplayed, outcoached, out hussled. Robert Edwards outplayed Charles Roberts who again was invisible in a big game. That's what Bomber fans should be talking about. Where was Chuck Bob?

Lol Edwards did just as bad as Roberts so what you talking about. 22 Yards on 9 carrys fool....

Only difference was that Edwards had 2 TD catches in chum time.

And how many TD's did Roberts get?