My take on the Grey Cup (if you care)

Well that was an interesting GC wasn't it? Not sure how many times I yelled at the TV but it was enough for my wife to huff loudly in the other room.

  1. The weather: while I like watching games in the elements the snow really reduced the ability of both teams to produce, more so Toronto than Calgary. The snow took away from what could have been a shootout GC.

  2. Toronto: the D-line was almost useless at putting pressure on Calgary unless they rushed 7, meanwhile the O-line was having an incredibly hard time stopping the pass rush of 4 Calgary D-line.

  3. Zone D: TO kept playing the zone and time and again BLM picked it apart.

  4. Running game: while bad weather normally means more running, and the RB having more opportunity to break it open, in this game we witnessed the TO running game disappear as JWJ couldn't make any cuts, he had to run straight. Messam was the better RB for sure this game and outplayed JWJ.

  5. QB: BLM had the more productive day, but when the game counted the most RR showed his great veteran form and succeeded while BLM failed for the second year in a row.

  6. Trying to lose: TO is finally ahead with a minute left and try a squib kick, giving Calgary the ball at their 40! Did they not have any confidence in their D to stop the return? Calgary: in position to force an overtime but instead go for it all and blow it.

Overall it was a great game and a lot of fun to watch. The officials let the players play for the most part, with only one or two bad calls and a missed call here and there (knocking down the TO receiver in front of the line judge but no call).

HURRAH for the CFL.

Oh yes, for all those who predicted Calgary would destroy Toronto...HA HA, NA NA NA NA NA. I called it Toronto 24, Calgary 17, pretty close.

The Argos produced two Grey Cup records in those conditions.

Longest fumble return TD
Longest passing TD score

Was an excellent game to watch as you say.

Good take, Tabbyfan. Your # 4 is my main crux in that the Stamps stopped running the ball. I feel they could have won with the run.

Yes, I thought Cal would win. You got me. :-[

In perfect weather conditions, Calgary stomps the Argos... the weather conditions evened the odds for Toronto. Yes, both teams have to play in the same conditions, but IMO, it favours the underdogs... not always, but in most cases.

Any team can beat the Stamps in a Grey Cup game in any conditions.

Way to go out on a limb... yes any team can win on any given day... Toronto's chances were greatly improved by the weather conditions, otherwise its a mismatch.

Heard this same trash in 2012 when they played indoors at Rogers Centre and Argos beat them.

Heard this last year in Ottawa, and the ORBs beat them.

Heard it was a sure things Stamps win yesterday, and Argos beat them.

Indoors or outdoors - anyone can beat the Stamps in a GC game. Watched many Grey Cups and seen lots of Stamps losses. In fact, I don't believe BLM has ever beat the Argos in post season play. He's never beat the Riders in playoffs either.

If that is the case, why did the Stamps win in 2014? I guess it convenient to ignore that year?

They won because Brandon Banks kick return TD didn't count when the refs penalized the TiCats for a non existent illegal block that didn't affect anyone in the play. TiCats should have won that game.

LOL. Come on. Never beaten the Riders in the playoffs? He was the backup QB the only time the Stamps played the Riders in the playoffs during his career.

Fact is they did not... a human element of the game is penalties, no matter where you commit them on the field. Its too bad they lost in that fashion, but then, by your logic, Riders should have in 2009... but Monteal hoisted the Cup that year. They won, the Riders did not... Calgary won in 2014, Ticats lost... let that sink in...

Some penalties are non existent and actually errors by the officials.

That ref wanted to be sure he was the star of the game and he succeeded in doing so. I bet he still has a smile on his face and is saying "hey, look at me, I scr....ed the Ticats".

I'm not one to start arguing, but the Banks phantom call was just that, never happened and the CFL afterwards said "ooops, our bad". Besides what does all this have to do with the 105th?

Well stated Tabbyfan. And congrats on calling the outcome of the game. Not only did you predict Toronto would win but you almost nailed down the final score. Well done!

Too funny Aerial. Too funny! ;D

Nice to see our local provocateur has hijacked yet another thread. Ignore him people and he will go away.


  1. Loved the snow. It is so Canadian to have a Grey Cup in the snow. Weather is a factor all year, wind, rain, cold, heat, humidity so I see this as just another outdoor game no different than playing in a hot, humid summer rain on a slick field.

  2. Don't agree 100% with this but don't disagree 100%. More truth to it than I would have liked to see.

  3. I wouldn't say he picked 'em apart. He couldn't get the key yards in the red zone enough times. Did have a good game at 373 yards.

  4. You nailed this one.

  5. See #4

  6. Disagree. Squib kick is the smart play especially in bad field conditions which favour the return team. Calgary was going to rty for the end zone until they ran out of clock then go for the tying FG. Smart play. BLM's decision to throw into double coverage was a bad decision.

I won't trash the officials because there were as many bad calls/non-calls each way. Video review MUST be fixed as they almost stole the game from the players in the first half. Game was entertaining and another great showcase for the league.

Hate to admit it but I did think my Argos were going to lose. I am quite happy to have been wrong. ;D ;D ;D

The subject of GC2014 came up when discussing Stamps in the GC games. Some (including myself) saw no penalty but rather witnessed an overly zealous official ruin a TiCats win.

I think you misunderstood me, there was no penalty on the play is my take too (and the CFL obviously since they apologized).